External painting



With the rough casting having completed its two month cleansing period, I was keen to get painting.


I started with a roller but found it to be ineffective in getting into all the nooks and crannies, therefore this was going to be a brush job. Most of the time was spend dealing with the edges near windows, cladding and soffits. The use of insulation sheets provided a good screen to any paint gone in the wind.


I concentrated on the gables first and was able to use trestles to paint the rest.






A good few weekends, evenings and days off later we were able to take down the remaining scaffolding. I have a bit more to do but will have the levels brought up around the house first.


Tiring but satisfying work and it was good to see how the white contrasts with the cladding and windows.





The next external job will be fitting the treatment plant and bringing up the levels. A separate entry will deal with our progress inside.





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Looks very sharp, and will look very good. 


But how often will you need to repaint this?


(I just started a thread on spray painting the exterior of your house. I am not sure if I could face painting a whole house in roughcast with a brush.)





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One of my favourite homes on the forum, lovely design and sits beautifully in its setting.

love it

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@Ferdinand & @Tennentslager


Thanks for the comments chaps.


Not sure how often I will be re-painting. I put two coats on and used a locally based paint which includes some seaweed in it! 


One thing I did notice is that the rough casting surface area is so much greater than smooth render so used a lot more paint then I expected. 


The kid's brushes were used when I got close to the soffit. 


It was nice to do a job completely myself as the majority have consisted of me providing labour, tidying or ordering materials/project managing.


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2 hours ago, Tennentslager said:

One of my favourite homes on the forum, lovely design and sits beautifully in its setting.

love it



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