Scaffolding down - windows in

Simon R


Scaffold down and windows in...big dose of euphoria....feels like a real milestone. We can now get a sense of the completed project. With the scaffold removed the house now looks far more suited to the plot and we hope our neighbours will be as relieved as we are.


The window install went well. Our windows are Velfac and we opted to use an approved installer as it extended the warrantee to six years. It cost a bit more but the standard of install was good with great care being taken. A few grubby hand prints on the render but nothing we could not clean of with soapy water.

One aspect of doing your own build that we had not considered,  is the fact you start out with something perfect and new. It will slowly age and degrade. It’s akin to the feeling of the first mark on a new car. Pat and I have restored a couple of cars in the past and avoided going the whole hog of a concourse restore as it can spoil your willingness to use and enjoy the car. We just need to keep the same mind set with the build.




With a house we can lock, our intention is to let the dust settle. We’ll come back to the project with fresh enthusiasm in October.



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Hi simon house looks great, can you tell us about the render system. 

I have built in icf also and I’m interested in a render that can be used close to the ground most of what I have looked at don’t like to be in close proximity to the ground. 

Thanks russ. 

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4 hours ago, Russell griffiths said:

I have built in icf also and I’m interested in a render that can be used close to the ground

The render system is from JUB. The DPC boundary to the ICF was taped with a special tape with a fabric backing to which a band of waterproof render was applied. The standard base coat and top coat were then applied. Let me know if you want the specific product details.


We had a good few problems with the builds DPC.  The builder was adamant that when using a raft ICF does not require any form of DPC. We have a membrane under the raft that should we think have been wrapped under the first layer of ICF.  JUB who provided the raft and ICF were not so convinced. We have ended up with the membrane being taped to the raft and painted with a waterproof sealant. You can't render onto the plastic membrane, so a JUB tape with a fabric backing was applied and a special waterproof base coat. The process added cost and complexity that would have been avoided if the DPC had been done in an acceptable fashion in the first place.

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