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Anybody using Velox ?

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Thanks for the response. Heritage will not consider anything but pure timber. I could get the timber fire treated but seems this is still not sufficient as the building is around 80% clad and the word cladding seems to send any lender into a flat spin. 


I have turned every stone with mortgage lenders including Buildstore. Ended up with only one potential for financing the self build. 


Am going with Velox as this gives me the exterior non combustible exterior to take the cladding and will have Velox contractors to erect the panels (not blocks) that will be made in the factory and craned into place. Was just hoping to find someone who has been down this route. With the various elements I have mentioned I will end up with an overall EPC rating of A. Which is great in the current climate. 



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We are embarking on this building caper and are looking at Velox. My question is around internal finishing. Having been told cement based plaster is the way to go (heat apparently better to permeate to/from the concrete mass), I'm just wondering what others experience of this has been? Alternatively are the typical gypsum products the way to go or as someone mentioned, plaster boarding direct then skim or Lime plaster?

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We are in the process of starting our Velox build. 

Has anyone done this where you use EPS blocks and beams for the ground floor? I would be interested to hear of methods for:

filling the below dpc walls and between the beams with concrete over the internal wall


The part I'm struggling with is filling between the beams with concrete.  Do I fill it as part of the wall fill pour or the screed. 

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