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  1. Thats a good idea - ducting will be cheap compared to the air con unit, so I will explore this option for peace of mind.
  2. Thats good to hear. Thank you.
  3. yes, I will have a plant room and cinema room and these are other reasons why I want to find a cooling solution. Thank you
  4. Good point about wine cellars. Thank you.
  5. Sounds interesting. How does the heat pump cool the slab ? Are you pushing cold water around the UFH pipes ?
  6. I will soon be building a well insulated air tight contemporary house, which will have an MVHR system. We have south facing glazing, so I am aware of solar gain etc. In the winter, we will be able to heat the house with very little cost, using the thermal mass to store heat, and the MVHR system will keep the air fresh and circulated. However, I am thinking about hot weather when we might want to cool certain areas of the house (e.g. in basement where it is not possible to open windows to cool the room), so I was thinking of an AC system like Invisible.AC (https://www.invisible.ac/). Does anybody have any experience of using this system and/or any other way to cool the house as well as keep the air clean ?
  7. Tim Alsop

    Anybody using Velox ?

    I also met with and spoke to some customers who used (or are using at the moment) Velox, so didn't just listen to what Velox had to say - it's important to get references to get a customer perspective. When I had talked to the customers, this is when I decided, not before.
  8. Tim Alsop

    Anybody using Velox ?

    I suggest you talk to Marek at Velox about these concerns. He won't give you sales patter.
  9. Tim Alsop

    Anybody using Velox ?

    I was same - settled on Velox and don't regret.
  10. Tim Alsop

    Anybody using Velox ?

    As I already mentioned in my last post, BBA certification is not required. Anyway, other products don't have some of the advantages that Velox has. Each product is not equal in terms of features/benefits. I don't want this to get into a fight over which product is best as I recognise that some people will prefer other products and some people (like myself) will prefer Velox.
  11. On https://www.durisoluk.com/faqs/ you will see that it says it is approved for underground use, can be used for basements and also swimming pools. The same applies to Velox which is also using a wood/cement board that is waterproof and fire proof. This product is also suitable for underground, basements etc. Obviously with any ICF product it is sensible to apply additional waterproofing since you cannot just rely on waterproof concrete in the ICF. With Durisol the concrete layer is not continuous since the Durisol bricks have wooden tie bars between inner and outer walls. With Durisol the concrete is continuous. This is one of the reasons why I chose Velox instead of Durisol. I am planning to build a basement with it and I know it is used a lot for basement walls.
  12. I found that my architect had no experience of using ICF and was asking similar questions, but when i gave him answers he was happy with the way forward. I took him to visit my chosen ICF vendor so he could see the product and understand it better.
  13. This is one of the reasons why I decided to use Velox instead of an ICF that uses polystyrene. The Velox product has a hydrophobic acoustic wood/cement composite board that is 35mm thick on inside walls (and also on outside for fixing cladding) and you can fix to this anywhere and no need to worry about fixing points. The Durisol product is similar since it also doesn't use polystyrene, but I preferred Velox due to having continuous concrete layer inside instead of honeycomb like would be the case with Durisol. They are both very good products though.
  14. Tim Alsop

    Anybody using Velox ?

    I talked to 2 builders who specialise in ICF and who have both used many ICF products (including Durisol) but they prefer Velox. I also spoke with a family who has built their house using Velox and their builder wasn't initially familiar with it, so got trained and then said they liked it very much and would consider using it again instead of some other ICF product. This gave me the confidence in the product that I was looking for. No problem with warranty or insurance - it is ETA certified which I understand is EU specific and accepted in UK. BBA is UK specific so product doesn't need to be BBA and ETA approved (at least before Brexit). The product also has LABC and Registered Detail with Local Building Control. Disclaimer: I recently found the thread on here about it not having BBA which concerned me, so I asked Velox to comment, and I have shared what they told me. So, I am not concerned about insurance or warranty. Also, people I have talked with who have a finished house that was using Velox said insurance, mortgage, warranty etc. were not any issue for them.