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  1. Thank you. I am also having external blinds on south side of house so thinking of making room in Velox and having window on the concrete.
  2. Hi I had a meeting with Internorm yesterday and they mentioned your project where Velox/Internorm were being used together. We also discussed how heavy windows/doors would be supported on Velox. I am interested to see that you used steel plates (as described above) but I am wondering why you didn't rest the window on the concrete core closer to inside edge of the wall ? Was that option explored ? Also, isn't there a cold bridge if you use steel bracket ? Thanks Tim
  3. Thank you. Since this thread is about Velox and I am planning to build my house using Velox, can you share how you fixed this onto the Velox board ?
  4. This product is about half the cost - https://www.envirobuild.com/collections/composite-cladding-pioneer#collection and they have their price on website.
  5. Regarding the Trespa. I have ordered some samples for my project. It looks like a nice product. Did you consider anything else similar ? Do you know the cost per square meter ?
  6. I am interested to see both. Thank you.
  7. I'm interested in this type of cladding - do you have any photos to share ?
  8. Did you cut off the external ties also before adding external cladding?
  9. Yes, exactly. I wouldn't be concerned if I was you. Velox is a good product even with these small bars.
  10. I am now considering the use of a ground-air (or ground-brine) heat exchanger to cool the air on hot day before input to MVHR. It is not same as air conditioning because of air flow rate, but it might be good enough to help regulate temp in house on a hot day. Has anybody else used this kind of product ? Example can be found at https://www.rehau.com/gb-en/building-technology/renewable-energy/ground-air-heat-exchangers
  11. I have been told by many people that the metal ties have very minimal thermal loss. The alternative ties are not quite ready but I suspect in about 12 months they might be ready for use - they need to go through multiple approval steps.
  12. Thats a good idea - ducting will be cheap compared to the air con unit, so I will explore this option for peace of mind.
  13. yes, I will have a plant room and cinema room and these are other reasons why I want to find a cooling solution. Thank you