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I was totally set on cedar, had samples from everyone, looked at untreated and the sioo from Russwood.


I did a last minute swerve into siberian larch after being sent a random sample.  It was sivalbp with the sacrificial coating so no uneven weathering.  I had larch with new age gris so already greyish and it will just weather evenly.  I swerved to the larch as the grain was so beautiful on the sample I got. Sivalbp only available from Vincent timberin Birmingham. My carpenter said it is some of the best cladding he has fitted no waste or rubbish pieces every length inspected for quality before they delivered it.  I am delighted, they do cedar too.



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I clad my house with cedar. I used grade no. 2 clear and better which had no knots. These pictures are of the north side of the house with a gap of around five years between them. We bought the cladding from the local timber yard who machined it to my specifications.






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I take delivery tomorrow of red cedar, cut down in the next village and milled to my spec 5 miles further down the road.  Given I won’t treat it I’m unconcerned with its colour....it’s gonna end up ‘silver’.

I showed the woodman a sample from a large supplier I might have used....... and he showed me that it had been kiln dried to within an inch of its life damaging the structure of the wood.

On the other hand I know I’ll be fighting with a certain amount of warping and inaccuracy that I might not have suffered from the larger supplier.

Not sure how it’s going to turn out yet but hopefully will add individual character to the house.

Maybe it’s a Dorset thing but I see small sawmills all over the place now...and I don’t believe Cedar and Larch are essential types, they’ve just come to the fore through marketing.  Cedar is actually rather soft and can pick up scratches on site during construction.

Go find a small local old school sawmill and pick their brains....they might be able to offer you something rather competitive.

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