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Cost per m2 with minimal tradesmen


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On 10/03/2024 at 14:59, ProDave said:

Some types of timber cladding can be really poor, there is a self build with timber cladding near me that in the winter the cladding just soaks in the rainwater, and ends up looking like a cheap soaked garden shed.  I have never been a fan of cladding "left to silver" as it rarely fades evenly and often looks tatty and worn after a very short time.



To 'leave to silver' or not is a personal choice I guess - I can only say that our western red cedar has silvered beautifully over the past 14 years.  Iwouldn't have it any other way. Not a cheap option these days though.

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A lot of Nordic houses use quite traditional designs with generous eaves overhangs and steep roof pitches. All of which will protect the wooden cladding and will minimise any water ingress from roof damage.

In Scotland we're using similar materials but the fashion is to do away with overhangs completely, and have flatter roof pitches.

I've seen some pretty poor quality larch cladding. It's all in the details. Don't bring it down so low that it gets backsplash. Use full boards at openings, don't just cut a bit out of the board and expose end grain. It means that you need to be more careful with your board spacing but it's worth it.

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