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Advice on Eco Products


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Hi all


We are looking for advice regarding Eco products. We will be installing a Bio treatment  unit as we have no mains sewerage on our plot. We do not want to put chemicals into the treatment plant as we do not want to kill bacteria. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells the following


Washing Powder

Dishwasher Tablets

Bleach alternatives


etc etc


Thank you in advance


Kind regards


Ruth & Mark

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You don't need to worry too much, aerobic bacteria are a heck of a lot tougher than the anaerobic bacteria found in old septic tanks, and about the only real concerns are putting solids into the plant that won't digest (basically anything like wet wipes, or sanitary products) and restricting the use of anything containing a lot of chlorine based bleach.  Even then, the plant will tolerate a squirt of bleach around a toilet bowl from time to time, as by the time it's been diluted by the flush and flowed down to the plant most of the chlorine will have come out of solution, anyway.


There's no problem with ordinary dishwasher or washing machine products at all, AFAIK.  A treatment plant works in the same way as a big sewage treatment plant if you were on main drainage, with the exception that it doesn't have any solids screening at the inlet side, hence the need to make sure that nothing that isn't soluble goes into it. 



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The guy who comes to empty our porta loo

recomended all these products

I spoke to the company that Suplies treatment plants in our area Said absolutely not fill the plant up with clean water Turn the air supply on Put the lid on Check it in a couple of years

They said that there is no need for adaptives 

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2 hours ago, lizzie said:

 Method is plant based too I use their liquid soaps


+1 for Method liquid soap. Very occasionally they have it on Amazon at a crazy price, like £5 for 6 bottles. I’ve bought 2 lots at that sort of price. 

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By all means choose to use any product like this, but I'd like to stress that there really is no need to use any different products from normal if you have a treatment plant.  In fact, one of the key things to keep the plant working is to feed it with anything that need oxygenating, as the very worst thing for them is to run with just water in them.  Unlike a septic tank, which will thrive on an oxygen free, low nutrient content, a treatment plant needs stuff to keep the aerobic bacteria fed.  They will happily feed on detergents, soaps, etc, as well as human waste. 

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