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I'm in the process of buying a house and its got a space the perfect size for a garage for me to keep my bikes and wotnot in while having minimal impact on the size of the garden for the small folk.

Only issue is that the space is between the house and the road.

Its a corner plot, the road up the side is a weird setup as its up the back of the houses it serves, they're all back to front if that makes sense? 60's council houses I guess. The other side of the road next to me is a day nursery with a 7 foot black fence all the way around

I cant make head nor tail of the PD regs and I'm fairly certain now that i will need full planning permission.

Is there a way of getting the nod without spending out for proper drawings? Like an 'agreement in principle' per se? Then if the planner agree in principle then I go ahead and get proper drawings and calcs for drainage off the roof and such.

I don't want the expense of getting proper drawings done if its going to be chucked straight out if I can help it


Thanks for any tips/pointers/advice/ribbing etc :)



download (1)

What I want to build: (excuse MS Paint drawings!)


Plan view



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Also you mention back to front houses (we have some outside Bristol) photos of garages etc on the road may help your case as not pretty front gardens.

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Thanks, wasn't sure about regs, as it will be under 30 sqm but I didn't know if it being attached to the property would have any bearing on it.


As for planning: I've sent a speculative email to the council pre planning team (Which I didnt know was a thing!) so hopefully they'll give an indication of what they want from me

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It'll only be exempt Building Regulations if detached. Do the plans for planning approval yourself - it'll probably cost you for pre-application advice (although some Councils don't charge householders) and almost certainly they'll ask for the sort of drawings you'll need for an application anyway.

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