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Water trickling down internal wall


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I have a 1963 rental, traditional brick and tiled roof construction. Never had damp issues before ( we lived there for 18 months before renting it out) owned it fir 20yrs.

Tenants have rightly complained of water pouring down from under the coving on the west facing wall. There is an external chimney breast. I can't see any evidence of cavity wall insulation and the flashing and roof have been checked....Any idea what's causing this and who would I go to fir a solution?




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Looking in the loft will show you if it's a pipe leak or rainwater leak.  


It's above the fireplace, so strongly suspect a chimney issue.  You should be able to see water running down the wall in the loft.  If it is chimney then getting properly onto the roof is required which most likely will need scaffolding.

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It's a bungalow with no walls in the loft, like a pyramid roof.

One bloke suggested a pepper pot stack?? Wouldn't climb a ladder and suggested a drone....WT*! 

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So a chimney on a hipped roof, will have a (usually lead) valley behind the chimney to catch the rainwater that runs down that bit of roof and divert it around the chimney.  It sounds like that has failed.  Being a bungalow it should be an easy repair with no scaffold or perhaps a small scaffold tower.


A roofer who won't climb a small ladder to look at that is not the one I would choose to do the job.  Find a different roofer to go up and have a look.

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