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What do you think of the passive smart thermostat?

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Sounds similar to Heatly.


If it can set your HP's flow temp according to its algorithms well and good, but I doubt it is fully integrateable with the many different kinds that are out there, some with proprietary interfaces.


If it can only serve as an on-off control or vary the start time then it is the very opposite of the ideal HP control strategy which is to run for the longest possible time at the lowest possible temp according to a WC curve.

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I worked on a friends self build in the lake district 19000 sq ft He owns an international electronics company and automated everything Lights loos heating shutters curtains If if could be automated It was Five years on He admits he doesn’t really use any of it now 

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9 hours ago, CalvinHobbes said:


Who would be interested if there isn't a user manual to take a look at and it's only available through official installers......



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Not sure how it sets flow temp or if it can? 


Optimised start and stop is available on a several thermostats (Salus SQ an WQ series for example)g, so not really seeing any advantages over a £60 thermostat.

It saves x% is meaningless rubbish in rubbish out, with facts to back it up.


Weather comp or batch charge on time of use tariff, for good running costs 


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