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Front House Design Idea's

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Hi All


Just finishing off a our build and we have really been let down by the Builders who did not render the house properly.  Windows and corners do not have trims and the render shows allot of trowel marks where the scaffolding was.  


So now we have a choice to either re-render the whole house or look to use another material like brick tiles to cover the old render.  I'm just interested to see what other way we can finish the outside of the house and bring some more modern charactor. 


I do like some of the Tony Holt style designs where they use wood brick slips and render.  Not sure how easy or hard it would be to implement design changes like this now.







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3 hours ago, Ambaz79 said:

So now we have a choice to either re-render the whole house or look to use another material


Hi, when you say that do you mean you feel you have no recourse to the builder? Or does 'we...' include the builder re-doing the work?

It is not ideal but while you would almost certainly not get a satisfactory result by patching you may be able to re-coat entirely. Not that I am recommending this at all, but 16 years ago an apparently well-thought-of insulation company managed to quote for 50mm phenolic EWI (which would then allegedly have given a U value of 0.35W/m2K). They then had their sub-contractor (part of a nationally-known company which subsequently dissolved) do the installation. The sub-contractor used 40mm board. When questioned I was told 'we always use 40mm board...! What they should have done then is taken it all off and done it with 50mm. What they actually did was to adhere 20mm phenolic on top of the top-coat and re-render. While I cannot commend this slap-dash approach what it does prove is that base-coat render has a good hold on underlying top-coat render after 16 years. So if you hold any money owing to the builder you could, after consultation with the System Provider, consider asking the builder to have a trusted renderer  do it again (base-coat and top coat) over the existing... (Or tell them to hack the lot off and do it right. Is it on EWI or block?)



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Hi @Redbeard builder gone (fired) long ago.


This is silicon render and I have been told we can re-render on top again. 


We have rendered on blocks. 


If I be honest I am not confident any company can render with a quality finish over a large area without showing inperfections. I'm sure it would be much better then it is now though. 


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Posted (edited)

Considered ringing tony holt, explain the problem statement and see if they would offer suggestions? For the sack of £500 or whatever design review they could offe? , if you really like their ideas... See what they would suggest based on the problem areas?


If all else fails, could you install wall mounted stuff over the problem areas... Hanging baskets, CCTV, down pipes, outside clock, Canopy etc etc.


We have some areas where the render isn't great, so will be planting taller plants in those areas as best we can.


Alternative/easiest would be wood panelling as cheap and easy way to install over the top.

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