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Window Position and Fixing in Stone Clad Timber Frame

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Just getting started erecting the timber frame of my extension (timber frame and 125mm stone cladding) and having a discussion with the builder about how I want my windows positioned and fixed.


Options being:

1) windows positioned forward and fixed into the stonework cladding (traditional approach but issues with cold bridging) 

2) front of window frame at back of stone cladding (reduces cold bridging but seal between windows and stonework more vulnerable and not sure how windows are fixed)

3) set into the timber frame with some sort of flashing to span the gap between stonework and window frame


Option 1 seems like the least preferable,

Option 2 does the fixings go into the cavity closer or off brackets back to the timber frame? Is the joint to the stonework achieved with mastic or are the other options?

Option 3 seems like an additional complication


Interested to hear how others have done this. Sketch of my understanding of option 2 below.


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A variation on the theme is the detail for the patio sliding doors of how to fix to the steel goal posts while minimising cold bridging. Any recommendations on how I can improve on the below attempt? (both this and previous sketches are of the side of the window)



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