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Plaster paint

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Hello! I was wondering if it's necessary to paint/seal freshly plastered ceilings and walls prior to kitchen installation in order to protect them from moisture. It seems that our builders didn't plan to seal the plaster at all, but it sounds strange to me. Will it be ok?

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It needs to be dry which can take a while. I left mine two weeks before applying a mist coat which is just watered down emulsion although I actually used Valspar Express Coat rather than watered down emulsion. You can buy new plaster sealer but it’s quite dear so it depends on what area you are covering. Leave it for 24 hours after the mist coat before applying the next coat. 

There was one wall I was impatient to get on with and it’s been a pain in the arse so do it right and you’ll be fine. I’m still trying to fix that one wall! 

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You don’t want to seal over fresh plaster because it needs to dry out. Once dry, if you are painting it then the mist coat acts like a primer to get hold of the plaster surface, not to seal it.

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