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Choosing a good quality vanity basin!

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As seems to be the case with all things kitchen and bathroom, there is so much choice out there.  And most of it is just on the internet and so not available to get a look at first.  Which is surprising given how expensive these items are.


I am lookng for a freestanding vanity unit with drawers - and a basin that sits in it - as opposed to perched on the top.  600mm wide max. 


The corners need to be rounded off for safety sake with little ones and older ones using the room.


There are some horrendously scarey reviews online for different products and I don't want to by cheaply if that means problems.


I'd welcome any advice. 


I'd also be interested to hear from anyone who might have knowledge of the brand called "Bathrooms to Love".  One shop told me about their range called Gatsby but I have not been able to find any reviews online for this company.


Many thanks

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I ended up making my own. We have had inset basin and counter top styles before and I much prefer this style now. Much easier to keep clean.  




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1 minute ago, Nick Laslett said:

We used these guys, visit the showroom, they will accommodate modifications. 


+1 for Harvey George. SWMBO found them and they were very helpful and great quality. it was expensive but when we added up 2 basins, a separate cupboard, worktop, splash back, taps, waste etc it was actually very similar to buying it all separately! 

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Unfortunately my budget does not extend to Harvey-george vanity basins.   I am also unsure how long we might remain in this property.


And I don't have the sklls or confidence to make my own like Temp.


Thanks for the replies though.



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I don’t have any experience of them but we have used Roca for all the cupboards, sinks, taps, and vanity units, specifically the Ona range (which have sharp corners but they do a broad range of other styles). They seem very solid and made.  

By the time you add up the cost of the vanity unit, sink, and taps they are quite dear though. They are some deals available online though. 

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I'm not sure if Plumbhq do basins's you'll have to have a look but if you need any new taps etc I got some really nice brass ones at such a decent price on there, always so nice having a fresh bathroom with a new sink and taps!

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