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  1. I can't find any reviews for this company on line so would be grateful for any feedback that BuildHubbers might have. A local store is selling a Bathrooms to Love shower quadrant which looks good but.... Any advice appreciated!
  2. We are having a new kitchen installed including a cookerhood which we have not had before. The BOSCH telescopic cookerhood DFS067A51B is super quiet and therefore our preferred choice - though we are unable to duct the air out. The Clean Air Plus kit DWZ1IX1C6 is recommended on the BOSCH website at £281. Although they seem to be available on line at £159, when I've tried to buy I am told they are out of stock with no date to confirm when they would be available. The comparison tool with the Standard kit DWZ2IT1I4 and the Clean Air Plus kit DWZ1IX1C6 on the BOSCH website states that these items are identical - although they are not! There is a question and answer on the Standard kit where a BOSCH customer service adviser states that the standard kit does not fit this particular cookerhood - that only the "Plus" kit does. Confusingly two local retailers say that the standard kit is listed in their brochures as compatible! The Bosch standard kits are available locally at a cost of £60. My question is - is there a significant difference in performance to warrant the extra cost with the Plus kit?? Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. I used the torch on my phone as recommended to work out whether the low e coating on the glass is on the right side of the glazing unit. I shone the light from the inside the house. I could see a number of "reflections" of circular lights - 4, 5 or even 6 of them in a row. The ranged mostly from deepest blue nearest me to shade of orange towards the outside of the window - as viewed from the inside. Can anyone help me understand what this means? If it does mean anything. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Thanks Mike and Craig - the new windows are Alitherm 400 (Smart system) and the glass units are ClimaGuard by Guardian Glass. I couldn't work out anything from using a torch! but I did notice that not all the glass units have an "etched marking (stamp)". Should they?
  5. We've just had new aluminium windows fitted to replace our 24 year old timber frames which had narrow double glazing units and looked rather dated. I know it's really subjective but despite all the fancy technology in these Smart system windows, these seem to be more draughty than the old timber ones and no better soundproof wise either. We had trickle vents in the old windows so can't blame them - we are used to trickle vents! Even when clicked shut, there is a draught from the trickle vents though - unlike the old ones. The new windows do look very "smart" on the outside and from a distance on the inside. (Not very clever fllling/sealing, scratches and little chips inside only.) Guardian ClimaGuard double glazing units were used. I know this might sound crazy but I'd like to know whether they were put in the right way round. Should the little white stamp mark in the corner of the glass be readable the rght way round from the insde or the outside? I remember seeing a large label on the units stating which side should go on the insde - but didn't take much notice them. The installer gives the impression that we are being fussy and talks about how difficult it was to fit them especially due to the external rendering. Any comments would be appreciated!
  6. Unfortunately my budget does not extend to Harvey-george vanity basins. I am also unsure how long we might remain in this property. And I don't have the sklls or confidence to make my own like Temp. Thanks for the replies though.
  7. As seems to be the case with all things kitchen and bathroom, there is so much choice out there. And most of it is just on the internet and so not available to get a look at first. Which is surprising given how expensive these items are. I am lookng for a freestanding vanity unit with drawers - and a basin that sits in it - as opposed to perched on the top. 600mm wide max. The corners need to be rounded off for safety sake with little ones and older ones using the room. There are some horrendously scarey reviews online for different products and I don't want to by cheaply if that means problems. I'd welcome any advice. I'd also be interested to hear from anyone who might have knowledge of the brand called "Bathrooms to Love". One shop told me about their range called Gatsby but I have not been able to find any reviews online for this company. Many thanks
  8. Thanks for that. I'm not so sure about the "tight" corners on 1810 sinks - finding it easier to clean a more rounded corner in the sink. But I will have another look especially at the sink and tap packs.
  9. Yes and we are restricted to a 450mm base cabinet for the bowl. Your sink looks great though. Is that a laminate worktop?
  10. I'm hoping someone can suggest a good quality make of stainless steel sink with draining board that fits into a 450mm cabinet. With a monobloc tap of the same make that works at low pressure (to cope with our old fashioned gravity fed system). Sinks now tend to be 860mm - so longer than our present sink and I am reluctant to lose any worktop space given we've already lost some to other "improvements"! We've only got a small kitchen. We're having a dishwasher for the first time so it seems silly to increase the size of draining board right now - if we can help it. I found a FRANKE Argos AGX 611-78 REV i.e. 780mm but Franke taps don't include a simple low pressure monobloc. In any case, I have heard that the cheaper Franke sinks - which I guess this is - are of poorer quality - manufactured by someone else. I don't know how true that is. BLANCO, another well known make have a great low pressure tap - DARAS which works at 0.3 min bar but their sinks are 860mm. So any suggestions? I've looked at GROHE, BRISTAN and CAPLE. Apart from being stunned at some of the prices - I can't find a sink and tap that's suitable.
  11. Ha ha - I take your point. As a child, I used to live nextdoor to a chip shop.
  12. Thanks for the recommendation of this grout. Perhaps I'd better look for some tiles that I like! We are having a laminate worktop (only a small kitchen and trying to keep the cost down especially because we are not sure when we might need to move). Although I like the look of a solid big splashback along the wall - I really don't like the look of laminate there. That's why the Alloy splashback seemed a brilliant idea.
  13. Stainless steel as a splashback along a wall? Sounds interesting but who sells this?
  14. Oh no! Not what I wanted to hear!! One of the guys in a Kitchen Showroom showed me pictures on his phone of his own kitchen with the cheaper non-aluminium Alloy Splashback. He thought it was great. Really though - Is there nothing good to say about this product?? Which is not cheap! I am sick of discoloured grout on tiles. (Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.)
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