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Flooring options

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I'm wondering what flooring options there are, and thoughts of each type?


We're after "wood" (plank, in oak, exact style not settled) there's. Issue is being bathroom and bare footed I want it to feel real underfoot.

We have SPC in the study (not lasting probably our poor DIY install) and as the name suggests it's plasticy to sound and feel. Parents have laminate through out at there's and again it's not a pleasant noise or sound.

We're currently considering LVT and ruled out tiles as they'll be cold once the heating Matt cools down.

Real wood, obvious concerns are of water damage but is there anything that can be done to protect them but it's what I would like?


Sub-floor sheeting over timber joists, the original boards are beyond saving and will be worse once the room gets knocked about.

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41 minutes ago, Tom said:

If you've got an UFH mat then solid wood might not be best, engineered better 


Thanks, forgot about engineered as an option!


I'm 35 and tired of building materials being faux, fake and mock and made from thin laminated of plastic with low quality effect printed on and really not offering much of a saving..... Hopefully that's my grumble over.

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I love real timber but would use engineered and glued, (i hate floating floors) I  did this in my build in the lounge and it looked fab, tiles elsewhere downstairs (with UFH) and carpets upstairs, LVT in bathrooms with electric UFH. What about cork in the bathrooms? Retro and coming back into fashion and feels warm unlike tiles.

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We are going glue down LVT through the house - Karndean. (Laid in about 4 weeks)   Our decision was based on , we have dogs so lots of wet and sand around, no underfloor heating (we are passive level heat loss but upside down house) so wanted something which felt warm, we didn’t want any thresholds across any doors, and we wanted to keep our palette limited and we had a budget.  Hopefully it will achieve what we need. 

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