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  1. @Conor that's good to hear! They (three in total) arent the heaviest. Any sort of timber thicknesses you'd recommend? I have also spied this https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiBhJCq_eH3AhVDtO0KHXGMAKwYABAKGgJkZw&ae=2&sig=AOD64_0H5Jf8zoQ8GgKSuDWQRty9R0X63Q&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwiJk4mq_eH3AhWNXcAKHUzwCagQwg8oAHoECAEQDg&adurl= Not designed for the job but also wondered if it would work.
  2. Bought some new lights and the lathe and ceiling holes are around same diameter as the new pendant bracket drill holes The pendant itself will cover the holes but the bracket points won't. Could I use two bits of wood stuck together? One to straddle the hole and an other to act as a packer to get to ceiling thickness? May need a wee doodle if my description fails. Or thinking now I type not sure if angles and thicknesses would work as it would need to be premade.
  3. @ProDave that's the badger, although don't require the isolator valve. The one that's currently on you can see PTFE tape. Looking at the night you can see the thread has broken off and is "flapping" about. The thread on valve side looks fine. Anyone know if they're all standard size? Found a couple of websites that sell them, also wondered if they went by an other name hence not finding them.
  4. Noticed the thread has snapped on the nut on the radiator tail. It was off for decorating and when refitting wouldn't take to the thread or would eventually jump off with a quarter turn. I can only find extension sorts on Screwfix and Toolstation, am I being blind? I'm looking for a standard (they are all standard sizing?) radiator tail. Any advice appreciated.
  5. Not answering your question, but I haven't found information on their website, and also asked the question. Do you know what sizes of bars they offer?
  6. Right now I have sat down and hopefully dont have the other half yabbering in my ear about something distracting my train of thought.... Current set up is a ring mains with a spur from junction. I am looking to add more sockets and essentially rewire the study, at this part of the ring. I will be adding more sockets into the ring, keeping it as a proper ring circuit but also for ease was thinking of making the sockets above the desk height as spured from socket below. This will be one double socket from one double socket. But as there is already a spur from junction I was unsure if this would even limit the number of spur from socket.* And/or best practise now the opportunity presents itself I should change the "spur from junction" to a "spur from socket". *my understanding is that for each socket on a ring main you can have one unfused spur per socket. So if it's 10sockets you can spur a further 1 (unfused) off each making a total of 20. (drawings can also be provided if required for further clarification)
  7. Excuse the links to websites, and appologies my terminology may not always be correct. So this is what is currently in place: https://flameport.com/electric/socket_outlet_circuits/ring_circuit_overview_spur_jb_T.png If I spur from socket with current set up then this would be the case: https://www.diydoctor.org.uk/project_images/spursocket/Spurs_from_ring_main.jpg?ezimgfmt=rs:298x143/rscb98/ng:webp/ngcb98 (but a few more spurs from sockets) What I was wondering if by having a spur from junction is there then limitations on the number of total spurs from sockets allowed? Or if by good practice the type (junction Vs socket) should be kept to only one type in a circuit? And there for best practice I should change the spur from junction to spur from socket
  8. (can a mod love to correct forum please?) I know why I supplied the socket from a junction box- existing runs being plastered in the wall. But I totally get what you are saying. Although, in theory, anyone opening the socket will see that it's only one lot of cables. And anyone who doesn't won't know, much the same as a normal spur, there's no physical difference on the outside to say that can only take 20amps.
  9. Can't quickly find the answer(s). I know you can't spur a spur, so to speak. But can a ring mains with a spur from a junction box be mixed with spurs from sockets? From memory it'll be no biggy to put into a socket now if it can't be, just there will be a junction box and join left in place as a negative. Adding more sockets to the study and will almost be a 1 spur per socket for ease for the sockets above desk height.
  10. Unless you're working upside down, back to front and left hand under and right hand over and then it's...uhm...maybe...
  11. If anyone is on the edge of their seat anticipation.... The two core is in fact twin and earth, neutral was hiding underneath. And goes to a light in the adjoining hall. All earths and neutrals are connected in the junction box. Three neutrals, four earths. Will try and wago that mess but anything I can do regarding the T&E and for power for an LED driver instead of just out the top? And further question.... Planning on LED strip in this back hall (attached to ceiling light down wall) and in the adjoining hall. This will be Alexa/hue controlled for timers etc, guessing regs say this still needs a light switch even if we don't have any requirements for it be manually controlled.
  12. It could be earthing is added later. I don't think ive ever seen so much earthing on plumbing before around the house. I'm looking at my photo of the junction and now doubting myself that the 2core neutral is relabled earth and what ever the green sleeve is is from something else.
  13. I think come this weekend I shall investigate whats happening, do it in the daylight where i can turn off the MCB
  14. Got the wiring ok'd when the CU was upgraded, and had some dating of 80something for some of the ring mains. But yeah, this hole is a cluster F. Why will conduit be the earth when there is also earth cable? And you can see an earth cable going up the conduit and out. Unless something else crops up I think I agree with your live at switches and looped neutral. Although I honestly only remember one neutral at the couple of lights I've changed along with seperate earth that disappears up the conduit and isn't a short link from light to conduit. Inspecting what goes to the other light of the 2gang will rule out if that's what the extra cable supplies. As a small extra bit of info the Chinese that used to install Chinese lanterns at edin zoo used screwits all over the place then wondered why they had loads of issues. Give me a 16a grelco/ trelco any day of the week! (Also just because I am nosey green and yellow earth makes an appearance in 77 according to Google)
  15. Here we go. Rat nest Junction Switch Junction, presumable bottom conduit is down to switch. Right conduit is to light1. Then 2core and left conduit is anyone's guess without investigation. (Hopefully got those around the right way since website rotated it)
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