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Splice mesh or overlap?


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My SE has specified splice bars for the mesh in my raft slab rather than overlap the mesh. He makes the point that overlapping can reduce the cover. However we're talking 268 of them at 800mm long and 10mm dia. Apart from 214m of 10mm bar there's all that wiring into place..... Thoughts?

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I hadn't heard of flying ends either. It's an education in BH.


It makes a lot of sense and saves some secondary bars, but I wonder about the cost, not being a mainstream product.

Lapping bars is sensible. Tying is quite a skill so the machine is a good idea.

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Just to add to this, you can make your own flying ends with a angle grinder in a few minutes. 


We flipped the mesh to maintain cover until 4 sheets overlapped, then used the angle grinder. 

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