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Dark fence - downsides?


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We like the idea of a dark fence:


But what are the downsides of this? Do we have to paint this every 2 weeks, or will it look otherwise terrible quickly? Or is this a reasonable choice that we won't regret? (unless we discover we don't like the look after all)?

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We have something similar on the outside of our barn. Re-painted the factory finish with Bedec Barn Paint as a precaution after 5 years as I was going to grow a bunch of roses over it and painting would be more difficult then. South facing had a little sun damage as you might expect - other sides no obvious effect. Suggest will need painting, say, every 5-10 years depending on how pristine you like it. Paint any cut edges, of course, when you put it up and don’t have it touching the group to avoid damp pick-up.

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Looks good and “shows off “anything grown in front of it.

Is it actually black and not a dark brown? I struggled to find a black fence treatment. I have a couple of tubs of a creosote alternative which is dark brown and not the advertised black. Not had much luck with bedec barn paint on fencing?

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