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Silent Bathroom Extractor?


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We're moving our bathroom from the ground to the first floor, and will be installing an extractor. The new bathroom is 3m x 3m.


I'm looking for one with a flow rate which can deal with a steamy shower and bath simultaneously, whilst operating at a low noise level.


Which extractor model has the best flow/noise ratio? 

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Inline fan above roof space as per first result from a search:


The fan above is very well regarded and most good outlets sell it. Been around for years.

John mentions a dmev unit which I am looking at myself. These run continuously at slow speed (low noise)and boost up either switched or by the humidity sensor so not like your “normal” bathroom  fan. Apologies if you already know this.

I am having issues with condensation in our bathroom so dmev is one step to help address this. My existing ICON wall fan is not shifting enough air and leaving damp towels to dry doesn’t help.

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