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The Conor Threshold: the Lancashire version

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In this thread @Conor and @IanR helped my thinking about how to build a proper threshold across what appears to me to be a Really-Easy-To-Cock-up-Expanse-Of-EPS.


Two full years later, I'm getting roundtoit.  ( Besting @Onoff by a fair bit I expect - 2 years FFS)


@IanR suggests some sort of reinforcement (in his case) using GRP. @Conorsuggests a concrete nosing bridging the EPS...... like this perhaps?


This is what I'm thinking might work;




I'm thinking a metal slot-drain embedded in a concrete 'jacket' .  I have a 'feeling' that the left-hand bit of concrete needs to be big enough to support one complete (shortish) flag stone.


My questions are:

  • does there need to be a liner between the EPS and the concrete? DPM for example?
  • the width of the concrete to the right hand side of the slot-drain: 100 mm ?
  • how much concrete under the bottom of the slot drain? 50mm ?


In the research I did for this post I bumped into this YT video


At about 6:30 the author suggests an insulation strip is added like this  ( see the middle arrow)



I have a feeling that might be a good idea.

Any thoughts welcome 


Thanks @Conor, @IanR - I do think about what you say ......


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On 12/10/2023 at 12:46, ToughButterCup said:

This is what I'm thinking might work;


What are you thinking will be the on top of the EPS upstand (circled red)? and what's the profile I've circled yellow?


Also, is there a DPM running up the inside of the upstand with enough free length to lap over the top of the upstand?


Is it still the plan to have tiles internally? Will there be a mat on the floor?, is it a "low" threshold? How much height have you got from the top of the raft/EPS to the underside of the moving door sash?


What stage are you at with installing this? is the door frame in? 

Is there any rain cover over this door, or can driving rain hit it? How big is the flag stone area, before it drops 150mm to ground level?


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I have the fall continuously away from the door 

I have a nominally 25mm gap between door block and the pacing / slab. It's just gathering crap at this stage so I think I'll fill it with silver sand.16981340419523063690270007020535.thumb.jpg.4b138988c8344da5e9ff4b2706d64ff5.jpg

Ours is very sheltered, yet to see water on the door. Combo of North facing, deep reveals and deep roof soffit.

I'm assuming dpc from all the way from under the door frame at the threshold down below the slab? That's what I have then another peice on the reveal at 150mm above FFL.



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Have you considered covered GRP grating? 


Used some for our thresholds. F


Just cast it into the concrete inside and support outside with some "muck" or a few blocks. Leave it with a slight fall towards the outside drop the door on top with a bead of sealant and hey presto it's done. 


If you fill the pockets with foam it performs well too. 



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