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Wipeable Matt paint


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This wall at the top of the stairs might aswell have a sign saying “ scratch me , dirty hand prints welcome“

I really want something that is durable to hand prints / easily wipeable .

But I want Matt as otherwise a ‘shiny’ wall might look odd if I go for silk or “bathroom “ paint .

Here’s what I used originally 



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4 minutes ago, ToughButterCup said:


I got there eventually too.  ......... Biscuit? Please?

But have you tried it ?

You know , painted a wall with it , smeared excrement on it , wiped it off successfully…?

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23 minutes ago, Pendicle said:

Those white magic sponge works great on scuff marks on white walls as well at trainers

I’ll try them . Apart from the odd grandchild hand marks ( I find if I break their fingers each time they tend not to touch the wall ) - rest is from trades …. 🙄

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