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Is a retired electrician ok to sign off a new house

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A friend had offered to do our electrics, he is an excellent electrician and used to run a sizeable business.

I know he needs part p certification (he has that) but is there anything else official he would need? I know he wouldn't have insurance but is that necessary? What would he need to sign - presumably something for building control?

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My understanding is the Building Regs require either scheme membership or a Building Control Application. However since you already have an ongoing Building Control Application for the house they might allow it. On the other hand you might get a jobs worth that wants to see plans for the electrics.


This is very old..

https://electrical.theiet.org/bs-7671/building-regulations/part-p-england-and-wales/certification-schemes/#:~:text=What are competent person self,carry out 'notifiable' work.


Ask your electrician if he's still a scheme member. If not try for a chat with your Building Control Officer. Tell him you got a good electrician but he's retired and ask what he woukd need. If he says yes verbally send him an email to confirm what was agreed. 

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