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Roof membrane on


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We finally have the roof membrane on and the kit builders are heading off into the sunset in the next few days. 22 months from submitting our pre planning application.


Happy to share experiences by PM if anybody is looking for specifics.


Now, the hard work starts - Cant say we're looking forward to the rest of the insulation arriving - Anybody with any tips for DIY cutting/installation welcome.


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Mainly kingspan type, sheets of stuff - Entire roof inside, attic walls, upper floor, between floors and the whole kitchen area at the front of the build. Then the underfloor, before the screed - Its a lot.

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For cutting sheets of PIR I found the best way was a cordless circular saw. Sheets are too big and heavy to use on a table saw. Only 50mm cut depth but flip the board over and you get all the way through. With a bag or vacuum attached, produces less dust than a handsaw. Mask and goggle up, it's not pleasant. And do it outside. Overlap you floor sheets at 90°. E.g. put down 50mm sheets first, then the 100mm on top but across the opposite way. Then foam any big gaps, and finally tape the joins.


For the roof, stick your 100mm between the joists, then the remaining 50mm or whatever it is under the roof joists, and fix down with battens and your airtight membrane. You might have a different detail to this tho.


Oh, get that roof battened and slated before the first storm rips all your membrane off 

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