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  1. No woodworking - I wish !! I am purely a DIY enthusiast, who "potters around", so somewhere for all my kit and some benches will be fine.
  2. Thanks - Exactly the advice we need re: VAT reclaim, cheers. Will probably retro build a separate workshop now that we think of it.
  3. Yes, unofficially, and I have a relative who is a 'leccy so we can do it if given a chance.
  4. We have had a request from planning for further details on our proposed double garage/workshop. Has anyone got any advice re: what to include, so we don't have problems later in terms of space or functionality?? Was hoping for storage for 2 cars (with an electric charging point) and a workshop/store - Might be able to get 3 phase in there if I can twist Scottish Powers arms too. Cheers in advance
  5. Thanks Dave - We had a light water flow throughout the static direct from the upper IBC without the pump, so that wasn't the issue - It wasnt enough to fill and run the combi boiler. The salamander was meant to have a green light whenever activated, but that never came on despite efforts to get rid of any potential air locks and back priming it.
  6. Cheers - like this one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254302845626?epid=14012074259&hash=item3b35a17aba:g:H6AAAOSwjvxdMc4U
  7. yes, That's exactly what we did 😞 but It didn't work - plumber said there was a bar going into the pump - I took it back to screwfix.
  8. yeah it was this one https://www.salamanderpumps.co.uk/product/homeboost/11
  9. We tried putting the finger over the output to up the pressure and get it going, but nothing - There should be more than enough power to get the water into the van from a £300 pump agreed
  10. The plumber reckoned it was the difference in height between the valve on the top IBC tank and the actual height above ground level of the sink, central heating boiler and toilet, causing a negative pressure difference ?? It was a salamander pump, but it did nothing.
  11. We have a constant supply going (very slowly) to the top tank from a previous old supply - Just enough to keep it moving. and we're using bottled water for cooking, washing up etc - Just tying to get some temp supply for flushing toilets and showers. Can cover with tarps if required.
  12. Hi there folks. We have 2, stacked, IBC tanks which we were hoping to run a supply to the static caravan with, using an inline booster pump. We bought a salamander pump and connected it up. However, due to the height of the sinks and appliances in the van, we appear to have a negative pressure and the pump wouldn't work. We thought the output of the top tank was about a bar and that would be sufficient. So, before we have to get a third IBC tank stacked up on top, does anyone have any suggestions, it's a temporary solution until Scottish water get their act together and give us mains on site.
  13. Looking at this one - Any good (connectors dependent)
  14. Didn't realise it was a heap of junk - Thankfully, I just borrowed it from a mate - I'll get on the phone to speedy and hire a decent single phase one - Have an electricity install date of the 30th anyway