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  1. Thanks John - The main water pipe for the village passes right across the site, but it would be about 15-20m South of where the house would be situated. I replied to Scottish Power today asking about an alternative 10m route, the possibility of providing our own armoured cable and have started looking into alternative providers.
  2. Hi folks, We have purchased an unserviced plot, within a village boundary without mains gas. I have been in touch with Scottish Power and Scottish Water (the owners of the infrastructure) re: connecting utilities on the site. There are houses on both sides of the plot, with existing connections. The electricity connection would be an approx 35m run from the nearest supply, including 1m across a public pavement. I have been quoted £3000 to connect this by Scottish Power. The water main runs straight through the site. Will we be able to connect directly? How much (approx) should we budget for water and sewage connection? Anybody got any experience of using other suppliers to undertake the works? Any you can recommend - Or not??
  3. Hi folks, We are based in Fife, Scotland. We have been looking to undertake a new build for a number of years, having previously successfully converted a barn attached to our house and converted existing accommodation to letting rooms at our business premises. We have submitted a pre planning application for an unserviced plot, in an attempt to solve access issues before committing to purchase and have been researching timber kits and providers, air source heat pumps, utilities providers and landscaping with a view to getting the build underway as soon as we get a reply. So, just looking for advice for our project and reassurance as we go on that we're not completely barking and making every mistake going.