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Do I need self-build insurance!?


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Hi All


We are starting work on our bungalow conversion in the next few weeks


I will be project manager, ordering all materials etc.. they will be stored on site but will be sat there a few weeks until the builders actually start


Basically we will be taking the roof off and adding another floor to make it house


I will be organising getting the different trades in etc..


Do i need any insurance at all? The total floor area is around 250m2 and quotes are coming back at £2k for 18 months


What would people recommend in my situation?


Thanks again

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I think that at about £110 per month it's close to the going rate, but insurance rates do seem to be going up recently. The Protek one at least is an all risks policy with pretty comprehensive cover, including material theft, owned tools and plant, plus the rate for adding hired in plant is very good. Mine even covered the caravan if it got squashed. I'd call them.

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