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Steel frame garden room with no lintel to achieve particular aesthetic


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Hello! I am going to build a steel frame garden room (light guage steel) of size 6m x6m, with slimline sliding doors spanning the whole width of the front wall. There is essentially no steel on the front wall apart from where the side walls (150mm studs) come up to the doorline and past it on the left side for the 750mm overhang. I wanted to achieve that true floor to ceiling look with the sliding doors so opted to have no lintel underneath the roof joists where the sliding doors will sit. I'm now worried that this will lead to a compromise in the structure either from day 1 or some point down the road. I have attached an image of the structure I am looking to build which will hopefully make what I'm saying make sense. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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I would turn the ceiling joists the other way, I would then build in as much strength as possible on that front edge, back to back joists with a steel flitch beam sandwiched in between. 

When you size doors you need to allow a 20mm gap at the top that is filled with a compressible insulation with a trim covering this gap, if you don’t any deflection will press on the top of the door and stop it working correctly. 


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Structural engineer ... we're interested amateurs, well most of us.


We decided on the same brief for our architect, and ended up raising the roof of our garden room to be the same level as the rest of the house.  Which made the structure easier to build.


The Garden Room has turned into what Kevin WhatsHisFace calls a Breeze Corridor. Yes, I milk it more than a bit.



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