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Ridge bracets at £22 each. Any better suggestions please?

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We, perhaps  stupidly, asked our compulsory Engineer for the rafter to ridge beam detail.

The response is for this bracket which costs £22 Each

x 2 sides a 50 = £2,200, just to buy.   (I think it may come down to £15 for bulk)

How can that piece of stamped and bent metal cost so much?


I know that nails used to work, having had the tricky job of removing the old ones from the very old sections of removed old roof. But it seems they don't any longer,


Any suggestions please?

Simpson LSSU170/50 Adjustable Hanger 50mm x 170mm


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I have seen nails and every third rafter with a 2.5mm 1m long strap over the top nailed with heavy gauge twist nails. These spread the load equally and pinch the rafter into the ridge beam, the one I saw like this never moved or deflected, glueliam ridge beam 

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timber rafter to glulam.png

It is a ridge beam with props.

I don't expect that the cost is known to the Engineer, because I already complained about the £45 holding down brackets for the wall to base detail,(stainless steel in 5mm thickness), and the director interjected and said just to use something else (£5 for galvanised 4mm from TS)

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There is no complete  section drawing but the details are attached.


It is stick built as a Glulam ridge  beam, with props and a couple of structural cross-walls.

There are complex corners to tie the replacement into the existing, which are A frames, with ties at about 1/3 up.

But if we can sort the simple frames out, then the rest will follow.

We were  happy to have tied frames but the Engineer insisted this would be better value. Cost is clearly not their thing and so far they have agreed to most of our proposed revisions, saving £15k to date. 

That is not really a saving though: it is avoiding un-necessary cost, and now I want to do the same with this.

Of course the joiner would likely love this bracket  as it is very easy for him, hence asking for help now before he is shown this ridge detail.


Timber roof details.png

Timber  structure plan and 3d.png

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