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Brick up garage door cost

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Hi everyone! My mum is having her garage door bricked up. The foundation and lintel are already there. The size is 2.3m x 2.1m and I am getting a labour quote to brick it up with cavity wall. 

Can someone please give me an idea how much does it normally cost? 


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@Oceanjulesthe whole door or leaving space for a window..? 

Are the bricks either side being toothed in (the halves removed so the bricks bond correctly) or is it just a quick brick up..? 

And where are you in the U.K..? As that will affect pricing etc

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You are probably looking at two days for a brickie £500 If he comes on his own 

More likely come with a labourer 

Anything under a £1000 Would be worth considering 


London-SE will be more ££

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1 hour ago, Oceanjules said:

Thank you. @PeterWi believe there will be a space for a window but not exactly sure the size. The area is in Essex. 

@nodthanks. Under £1k is actually her budget.

Your welcome 

Realistic expectations 

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