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  1. Thanks Joe! I’ll be completely at peace once the skylight is installed.
  2. Thank you so much. Well, they didnt even apologise whatsoever but as long as they replace it without charging me then I’m ok with it.
  3. Good news everyone! We just called their office just to follow up because they didn’t reply from my email. The glass is on order and they will get back in contact to arrange for fitting. (will update you once they have done it) The heavy weight on my shoulders have been lifted!!! Thinking of the court proceedings had given me so much anxiety. All your inputs and advises have helped me so much, so thank you ever so much. This has been a big lesson for me and hopefully this will be a lesson to someone else. Again, thank you!!!
  4. Hi, After the email, a surveyor who originally measured the skylight came and done the measurements. The carpenter said he didn’t say anything whilst he was there. I sent them a follow up email last Friday asking what’s happening and I’m now waiting for their reply. will keep you posted.
  5. Hi, how much should I pay for someone to lay 32sqm of Welsh slates? Jobs include removing the existing roof tiles, refelt and rebatten plus 2 new valleys installation? thank you
  6. Thank you. Just sent them an email: Sending emails back and forward are obviously not getting us anywhere. I want to sort this out in person and if you, your surveyor and the carpenter can meet on site preferably this week, please come. I have given you evidences to back up what we’re saying and obviously you’re not having it. I have been waiting for you to resolve this issue amicably but pride seems to be in the way. If I don’t hear from you by Monday on how you will rectify this issue, I will have to take this matter to court. I don’t want to waste judge’s time as much as possible but if that’s the only way to get this sorted then I have no choice. Thank you all so much for giving me courage. I feel like I’m not the only one in this battle.
  7. The window company is ignoring all my evidences and basically covering this surveyor who accused us of making the window smaller. I am waiting for them to reply til tomorrow. Can someone advise how to proceed legally speaking? I know someone had advised to go for small claim but do I also have to complain to trading standards? Never experienced this before and I don’t know how to tell them I’m taking legal actions. thank you.
  8. This guy who’s been sending me emails has been covering this surveyor who has “30 years” of experience. They don’t even accept that they the surveyor measured it wrong.
  9. Hello everyone. Thank you all for your lovely input. I had sent them an email last week providing them the pictures and everything and today they got back to me saying the following I have spoken to our surveyor and he confirms that we measured at the point you were at, as shown in the first photo. Obviously after we attended, the opening for the roof-light was made smaller as shown in the second photo. This would be chargeable as my colleague has quoted to you. I then replied to this person sending the pictures back again with date stamps. 1. 1st picture first visit (they claimed that was the 5.6m) 19th of November. Surveyor told us to arrange again for another visit to measure the upstand. 2. Just put ply on the roof (24th of November) 3. Emailed them saying the upstand is ready to be measured. (Picture 30th November ) 4. Surveyor revisited to measure the upstand.(1st of December) they are so arrogant and not accepting their mistake.
  10. The client didn’t sign the contract. The end customer would be signing it without checking the specs as she’s an elderly. She wouldn’t know any technical side of it. Looks like they’re gonna get away with it reading that last part.
  11. When this surveyor came round to measure it, he was the only one who came on site without someone to recheck his measurements. The company has so much trust with this surveyor. I have attached a bit of t&c. Again, why would they always have to put the liability to the customer when it comes to measurement. As you mentioned, it’s their job.
  12. Thank you. I have video footage as well but I haven’t got time to go through them as so much things are going on.
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