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  1. Thank you. @PeterWi believe there will be a space for a window but not exactly sure the size. The area is in Essex. @nodthanks. Under £1k is actually her budget.
  2. Half of it will be a storage and half will be an office office. thanks
  3. Hi everyone! My mum is having her garage door bricked up. The foundation and lintel are already there. The size is 2.3m x 2.1m and I am getting a labour quote to brick it up with cavity wall. Can someone please give me an idea how much does it normally cost? Thanks
  4. Ok, the surveyor has just been. I asked him what the purpose of measuring the floor area is. He told me nicely that it’s one of the new requirements from the council for letting agencies. For them to have a licence, they will need to provide the floor area of the rental property.
  5. Estate agent that manages the block of flats.
  6. I quickly done a lot of googling and all I could read was for selling. My anxiety skyrocketed! ?? Thanks again.
  7. ?‍? Thank you so much!!! I can relax now. ??
  8. Hi to all surveyors! Can someone help me put my mind at ease please? Our estate agent has arranged for a surveyor to come and measure the floor area. There’s a lot of things running in my head when I received that information. Now, we are living in a block of flats which is owned by a private housing association. We have been living here for quite awhile now and we are not in arrears or anything. I asked my neighbour if they’ve received any phone call from the estate agent and it looks like we’re the only one. This building is looking tired, showing cracks inside and outside the house. Saying all that, why would a surveyor measure a floor area please? thanks in advance
  9. Hi, we don’t want the stained glass anymore and want to replace it with plain glass, rain obscure double glazed to match the windows. thanks
  10. Hi, it’s a pvc door with double glazed. The style of the glass must be rain obscure to match the windows. Thanks
  11. I just want to add that the glass covers half of the door.
  12. Hi everyone, I just need an advice here please. Our front door has stained glass design and we’re hoping to get the glass replaced. How much roughly will it cost us to get it changed (material & labour)? Will it be cheaper if we just buy a new door? Thanks.
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