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Never believe delivery dates (whinge)

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I was expecting my delivery of joists and Caberdek on Tuesday, having explained to the manufacture that due to site restrictions I will need to handball them off the truck and will need to arrange to have bodies on site when the delivery arrives to unload.


On Monday i was pressing them via email and phone to confirm the time of delivery on Tuesday so i could get people there, they came back saying it won't be Tuesday, but probably Thursday or Friday. I told them categorically it couldn't be Friday, and if this week it could only be Thursday. I re-arranged my bodies on site for Thursday.


Driving to work this morning after doing the school run, i get a call at 8:30 from the driver telling me they were 10 mins from site, also pretty much at the same time i got a text from my bodies on site that they can't do Thursday.


So i ended up in a nightmare scenario of a significant delivery turning up unannounced, needing the materials for my build and no one but me to unload it.


Hence this is how i spent my morning (after urgently booking A/L from work) unloading 2.5T of joists and caberdek off the back of a lorry, then also carrying most of it up a flight of stairs to 'ground floor' above the basement.


Needless to say i have a sore back and in need of a cold beer (after sending a sh!tty email to the manufacturer)


If you don't have a sense of humour (or some physical capability) don't self build.

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Nobody wants it to happen, you hope it don't happen, and when it happens, it happens, I've had it happen, I am not happy when it happens. Thank goodness you'd popped out and you weren't out out.???


Progress can be painful, but at least its progress.

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15 minutes ago, Moonshine said:

The beauty (fantastic to have joists and flooring) and horror of what I was faced with this morning.



A lorry with building materials! Such a rare and magnificent beast.

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1 hour ago, ToughButterCup said:

watched your progress with interest for a couple of years now.......


Just do the opposite of what I do, and she'll be rite.


50 minutes ago, Buzz said:

A lorry with building materials! Such a rare and magnificent beast.


It included 54 sheets of caberdek 22mm at a reasonable price, driver even said I was lucky to get them.

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