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Excess rain water flooding

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Before I managed to get the roof on my extension we had a deluge of rainfall and now I have a few mm of excess rain water pooled in various points in my extension. 


I have tried using a water butt pump (as that was the only pump I have) and that worked for a short while. But now the water is so shallow that the pump can't suck it up any further. 


I need to get my celotex boards down so I can move along with the project. Does anyone have any hints and tips for removing pooled water in your build (aside from drilling holes into the floor for drainage)





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Try a softer broom. Chase the water to the low point. Rope in a helper with a dust pan, hand brush and pail.. scoop water into pail. Dry the last bit with an old towel.


Check your damp proof membrane positions.


Now you will have a nice clean surface to lay your cellotex on?

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Ditto @markc This was one of the best £80 I spent on tools for my build. It rained on the dpm for our slab and we needed it totally dry for the tape to join dpm. This was brilliant in wet mode for that. Used it extensively in dry mode as a dust extractor for cutting wood and pir insulation also…




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