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  1. Before I managed to get the roof on my extension we had a deluge of rainfall and now I have a few mm of excess rain water pooled in various points in my extension. I have tried using a water butt pump (as that was the only pump I have) and that worked for a short while. But now the water is so shallow that the pump can't suck it up any further. I need to get my celotex boards down so I can move along with the project. Does anyone have any hints and tips for removing pooled water in your build (aside from drilling holes into the floor for drainage) TIA
  2. Hi I have embarked on a major renovation of my home. The house is a 2 bed semi built in 1890, the oddity is that instead of side to side semi-detached we are back to back. So some unique challenges there, plus due to the age, style and uniqueness of the property it is locally listed with the council which has thrown up more issues. The main one being that my extension must match the original house, so yellow london stocks with a decorative red stock pattern built in and slate tiles. We have an existing single storey side extension which we are demolishing and building back up as a two storey, with a single storey pushing out forwards. This will give us a master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in wardrobes plus a sizeable kitchen/diner along with room for a shower room and a utility room in the existing footprint and then a decent living space in the new section. As part of this we are also completely landscaping the garden to provide a private and functional space for the future. I have already begun on renovations throughout the existing home and will start on the extension within the next month. Currently planning on ISOTEX blocks for the single storey and then timber frame for the second storey. Wish me luck.
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