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Fixing error in panel


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Hi All,


I’m building a garden room but it appear one of my timber panels has decided it wants to be a parallelogram instead of a rectangle. I’m sure it was plumb when stood up but never mind. The frame is already boarded with ply and I’m hoping there’s an easy solution to bring it back square other than tear it down. 
many help is greatly appreciated as the wife is about to notice and the “told you so’s” are about to begin

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I put the stud frame up and left it to my old man to ply the outside while I was at work. Come home and it’s about an inch and a half out over the 7.5’ height.


Blue arrow in photo is direction of leaning towards my neighbours  fence


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it really depends on how many nails he used to fit the plywood sheething, if he didnt use loads you may be able to move it, i have in the past used a big ratchet strap to "move" timber frames but that relies on there being something large and solid enough to attach the end to, if you do use this method you will want to pull it past the plumb as it will spring back

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