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Persistent damp from chimney breast

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Hi, I have a problem with persistent damp coming through my chimney breast.  I had two sides of chimney stack re-pointed a few years ago, and the lead has also been replaced.  Unfortunately  the problem has not resolved and has slowly  deteriorated since.  I've attached photos.  Could it be that the top plate needs replacing?  The Chimney is not in use.  Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.








PXL_20210504_142302309 (1).jpg

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Damp appears to be going down. Is the old chimney vented at the bottom and top to allow air to pass up and out to remove the damp?


Looks like absorbent brick could try a water repellent like  Thompsons weather seal to reduce the absorption.


And anything else some clever person knows.



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Brother had same issue in a house he'd bought. Apparently several attempts to repair over the years. He got it taken down when doing other works and slated over. No issues since.


It's a balance between architectural conservation and the reality of keeping a building warm and dry with reasonable techniques and costs. At some point the balance tips.

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If the lead work and slating around the chimney are good, then it’s either coming through the top or through porous brickwork.  To me you have a couple options to remedy it long term

1. Take down and slate over, as previously mentioned

2. if you still use it, take it down get a lead tray detail put in it and then rebuild it


Some sort of water seal treatment may work short term

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