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  1. An email has been sent
  2. Can anyone help explain what purpose the lower DPM in this picture could have? As in the one laid on top of the footings? I can't see any benefit of it being there as it will be fully buried underground? Any thoughts appreciated.
  3. Thanks, a couple coats of paint is sure to be cheaper than getting everything galvanised. The lintels won’t be totally encased in concrete, but sitting on top of the concrete core to take the roof trusses.
  4. We are building a 2 storey property out of ICF (nudura), that has a number of steel lintels/posts. The question is when does this steel require galvanizing? My understanding is that traditionally anything exposed to the cavity will require galvanising, but where does this leave steel used in the line of the concrete core, or as a post to support a corner? Thanks
  5. Can anyone recommend a good supplier of stone cladding/slips to be used with polystyrene ICF? Thanks
  6. Possibly, I know with Sentinel if you use anything other than OSB it will void Theo warranty.
  7. As a roofer I completed a GRP course, one day and about £90. Was brilliant and you can then attain a warranty on the installed roof, its not hard, but there are a few tricks of the trade. The course I did was through Sentinel, you can even view their manual online which is very useful As said before, keep your boards dry and make sure you get your resin mix right, if you are struggling with the weather then roll out a thin coat of resin over the boards as soon as they are down as this will stop them from getting properly wet. Even if it rains they are easily dried. One thing to mention...don't use ply the resin doesn't properly bond to it and will eventually delaminate. Only OSB should be used under GRP roofs. If you have any questions I will try and help out.
  8. Has anyone here used Jackon’s Thermomur 350 ICF and give me any feedback on it? Thanks
  9. Has anyone used windows from Residence? Specifically interested in their R7 range of windows. Any feedback would be great?
  10. Thanks for the responses. Interesting what you say about the UK and Ireland Jeremy. Perhaps the most important thing is to make sure the building control/warranty provider is happy with whoever we use. I’m hoping to diy the raft myself so don’t need a kit, just want some good designs to work off. I’ll try JTA for a comparison.
  11. I’m interested to know, who has everyone used to do the design/structural work on there insulated raft foundations? And would you recommend them? Reading various posts I see the often recommended person is Hilliard Tanner, but does the fact that we are no longer in the EU pose an issue with regards to certification etc? Interested to know other people’s experiences as I’m not convinced that certain people that I have attained quotes from would be up to the job. Thanks
  12. Brilliant definitely a few options to explore.
  13. What sort of set up is this? Do you have a separate building/shed with the toilet over the composting whole? Do you think it would be possible to pipe waste directly from a static toilet into a compost whole? 😂, this could get tedious very quickly.
  14. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear, a quick google is needed I think...
  15. Hypothetically speaking if you had to move on site into temporary accommodation (static caravan) before the required sewage treatment plant and soakaway installations had been completed, what are the options for disposing of foul waste? Is it possible to just part bury a large tank and have this emptied sporadically? Any thoughts would be appreciated.