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Recommendations for Window suppliers NI

Ronan 1

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As the title goes starting to look to source windows and looking for recommendations,  there is a local beside me started as the Irish rep for Josko and they look good but no idea on price, also plan on getting a quote from Munster joinery anyone else any suggestions ??

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10 minutes ago, dpmiller said:

fancy windows or ordinary? I couldn't justify more than ordinary, and Turkingtons looked after us well.

They are all ordinary enough except there's a pretty large one circa 4m x 5m at the front but all fixed pane so shouldn't be too outta the way.


Did you price them against any of the ones I mentioned by any chance and if so how did they fair ??

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I went with Munster/baskil and have had no issues. I went for their 3g future proof uPVC windows. Coming up on 6 years and I have had only 1 seal go which they replaced quick enough. At the time I put mine in they where a good few thousand cheaper than anyone else for similar spec Windows. 

Like most window companies it really depends on the fitters. They supply the vast majority of the house builders here and what they put in for them ain't great but the builders are paying peanuts for these windows so they are threw in as the fitters need to do a few houses a day to cover the wages. 

Get all the companies out and then compare everything and make your choice.

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