Any FileZilla FTP experts here?

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I have a Raspbery Pi Music box.  It can play music from files on it's SD card (amongst other things)


Previously to load music I have removed the SD card, put it into a card reader plugged that into a pc and copied the files.


i am trying a better way.  I have loaded FileZilla FTP client onto my PC.  I can connect to the Pi in the "remote site" window using sftp.  I thought that would be the tricky bit.


No.  the tricky bit is the files I want to copy are on my network drive.  I want to browse to that network drive in the "local Site" window on FileZilla.  But I can't find how to browse outside the local hard disk in that window.


I have tried entering directly "smb://" which is how the File Manager addresses it, and tried also just "//" and various permutations of single or double slashes, forward or backward slashes and nothing is recognised.


Oh and the PC I am using is Linux.

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I haven't used FileZilla for a while, but a different approach would be:


- install sshfs if you haven't already

   sudo apt-get install sshfs


- mount the RhPi filesystem onto the local (linux PC) at some mount point.

sudo mkdir /mnt/rhpi
sudo sshfs -o allow_other,default_permissions /mnt/rhpi


- use whatever tool you want to edit the files in /mnt/rhpi (cp -a, file browser, whatever)


- umount when done.


smbfs also exists, to access your SMB share as a local file mount.



Aside on the title: This isn't really an "FTP" topic.   SFTP is part of the ssh tool stack and has no relationship to FTP.  However, FTPS (rarely used, and rightly so) is FTP over SSL. 


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thanks @joth


I am reluctant to try that yet, too much scope for something going wrong.


I can work around it by first copy anything I want to transfer to the Pi to my local drive on the pc and then use FileZilla as above, but it seems an unnecessary step.

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Yup, if you want to stay M$ WinX for your PC, then Samba is the best way to go as this talks native Windows Stack.  You could also symlink (ln -s) the music folder into your FTP share hierarchy.

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Some digging around found my network drive was already mounted  //run/user/1000/gfvs  with the full path to it being /run/user/1000/gvfs/smb-share:server=,share=usb1/Ubuntu Laptop/Music/


I have now set that in Site Manager as the default folder to open in Local when I open a connection to the Pi Music box, so I don't have to remember that.


So all doing what I wanted and in future I should be able to load new music onto it with a lot less trouble.

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