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Hello, not sure if this is the correct topic to post in.


I have submitted for planning permission on a plot of land, however no WAC tests have been carried out prior to submission.


Would this be a cause for dismissing? Or would it be a planning condition to carry out the WAC test?


I thought a WAC test would need to be carried out regardless by the Groundworker before any spoil is removed, therefore it would not be a necessity prior to planning consent?


The land has had no prior buildings or situated near anything which would cause obvious contamination.



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The only time you should need it is for the disposal of it at a tip. Whoever is disposing of it will want it to see what tip he can use and what rate hell be charged.


HOWEVER alot of small works like private houses utilise private tips which are less paperwork heavy. There should be no one else looking for it, so as said unless the man disposing of it looks for it I wouldn't bother it's not a big job anyway.

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