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Moss on roof


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On 14/01/2022 at 19:02, saveasteading said:

There is nothing wrong with a few bits of moss left on the roof, and it will be back soon enough.

Plus the moss attracts insects and then birds.


More on my own response.

I would be interested in counter-thoughts.


Have just cleared my gutters of moss that had lost its grip and tumbled. (gutters are at 8')

1 bucket load, onto the garden or into the compost: it is almost ready-made compost.


It got me thinking. Whatever is the matter with having moss, and anyway it is outweighed by benefits?


Against  having moss

May appear untidy in some mindsets, or the impression to neighbours of not caring.

May block the gutters if not cleared

Some think it damages the tiles.

Could cause seepage into a damaged roof.

requires an annual clearing of gutters   (but this is easy with the right equipment working from the ground).

may reduce air-flow through and under the tiles.


For leaving the moss/ against clearing it

It is a green roof, much sought after by some:

absorbing sunlight, capturing carbon

absorbing water

slowing the flow of water into the drains and rivers

attracting insects and birds

appears mellow and characterful 


clearing involves either pressure wash or very long poles, which can damage tiles

may involve bleaches and herbicides which run into drains and onto garden.

pressure washer may force moss into drains

lots of water used.



the moss is in clumps but never more than 100cm2, and maximum 20% coverage on the 'worst' slope.

The only aspect of roof that has lots of moss is facing East. South and west get frazzled in the summer and never quite recovers. north doesn't get enough light.



As to the tiles wearing away, I think they have been on there for 80+ years.





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