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  1. Great thanks for that… yep been through those. Redone this. understand the point on maybe 100mm EPS, membrane then 100mm PIR. Is that going to give a significant difference? Or much better 2x 100mm PIR. I also haven’t taken the slab over the block work in this version as won’t have the EPS to shutter it. the willows - foundation detail (mh).pdf
  2. So I’ve taken to drawing it up prior to chatting through with builder… thoughts? (Ignore some of my dodgy scaling eg courses not lining up)
  3. Yup - we have some views ish but we also have a nicely landscaped garden that I've put blood sweat and tears into over the past 2 years to look down upon (yes we did do this first), plus the design of the roof overhanging the balcony also narrows the view to where we want it and not full vistas if you see what I mean?! It wouldn't be a turnkey approach no. I have an open book policy with my builder, I'm helping do a lot of the ordering and in return he's charging me just 5% on materials - which also helps cashflow as I save the 20% VAT. Then he's working on a day rate, rates pre agreed for trades. That's to get us up to wind and water tight then I'm taking over with subbies from there. We're 3.5 years in. Moving out of the bungalow in 2 weeks!
  4. Sorry thought I'd said. 268m2. So we're quite similar. We're demolishing a bungalow nd replacing with 5 bed detached. 52A1 H.pdf 53A1 F.pdf
  5. Haven't engaged a QS yet although we're in the midst of looking at self build mortgage and they are talking about requiring one. I have put it through Jewson Build Aviator as I have a self build account with them. They came back at £430k.
  6. I’ve just put mine into estimators online for £192.50. I’ll let you know when I get it… (Surrey)
  7. Yep I think it's where I'm getting to tbh. I think I have my head around where the thermal bridging issues will occur and will just solve them with the builder and suppliers. I've looked at different build methods but for various reasons we've stuck with masonry and are quite a way down the line. Thanks for those suggestions, I've been looking at 1&3 and will now look at 2!
  8. Yeah I'm really pleased with them! Tharindudhan168 was the name. I paid £250 all in and have about 20 images. Really useful to help visualise things with the oh etc.
  9. So I've now received structural calculations. I think I can decipher some of it but in a 90 page document I'm struggling with a lot of it! What is evident is although I've brought up thermal bridging there is nothing in here mitigating it. We have steel connections penetrating the wall for the balcony, steel posts going down to foundations etc. What next? I'm not sure who's responsibility it now is to take the structural calcs and turn them into something we can build from. Do I really need to pay for construction drawings form the architect etc.? Also whoever that is I now need to take on the journey with thermal bridging... HELP! (please!)
  10. I built a garage last year and can’t wait for the roof to age and get a bit of moss on so that it’ll look older than it is!
  11. Ok thanks. + 50mm less digging and take away!
  12. So 50mm liquid screed plus extra insulation worked out cheaper than a sand and cement screed? That's interesting. It's where my head was going too tbh. The Architect, SAP and SE are going standard building regs with 150mm insulation and I'm trying to work out best way of increasing it i.e. do I reduce screed or just dig deeper. Sounds like a chemical screed works well for you. Plus cashflow is king so pushing the insulation back to after we have a superstructure helps!
  13. We’re going with a traditional slab but I’m discussing the exact build up with my SE and wondered peoples opinions on best and most efficient… So assuming UFH would you go slab, insulation, screed or insulation and slab only with UFH in the slab etc? Is it better to have a thin chemical screed for faster heat up? We have predetermined FFL so I need to get the build up right to work out how far to dig down.
  14. Understood. Given the mortgage co will charge per drawdown for a valuation I will obviously limit this as much as poss. It will boil down to cashflow though obvs. I was wondering if anyone had engaged a QS in their build and had any tips...
  15. As in the QS price per certificate? I imagine they need to be involved for the whole project?