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Newbie setting off on self-build journey


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14 hours ago, Scode99 said:

... Currently searching for affordable (if such exists in Dorset!) suitable plot to build a 4/5 bed house. 



Affordable - what does that mean? I can't, you maybe can. What is certain, though, is that land in your immediate area will cost more as a proportion of your total build price. A quick glance at SPONS will show you also that build costs around your area are more expensive than those inside the M25.

You need @nod on the job. He's brilliant at nosing out sites and buying them at the right price. @Ferdinand's yer man for setting you straight in relation to planning once you've found somewhere. 


Many here have found the search for a sensibly priced and convenient  site needs a good dose of persistence. Plenty of time to absorb the collective wisdom on BuildHub then......

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Welcome. Take time to read through all the older posts.  You’ll learn so much.  And if you have specific questions not already answered someone here will know the answer or have a good stab at it.  If you ask for opinions you’ll get differing ones though !  

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