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Aluminium fence panels

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I have quite a few different projects I want to deal with at the same time - the planning and preparation at least, and possibly purchasing the materials.


Newest one is that we get a new drive build with a 24m boundary wall. This wall is 90cm high with pillars at 180cm hight. Inbetween the pillars I want to install contemporary, anthracite Alu fence panels at 2ish meters width and 90cm hight. The panels should be made from horizontal slats circa 5cm high with a gap of 3cm. I'm after the appearance of delicate, floating, horizontal lines.


My issue is, I can't find a supplier. Well, I found one but they only do large scale projects and don't have the type I want.


Has anyone got an idea where I could be looking at please?

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I was thinking of buying the slats individually and putting it together myself. It's still a possibility and something I want to look into, but if there are fencemakers out there that have made a few earlier, I'd probably have them instead

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6 hours ago, Russell griffiths said:

Import from Australia. 

Crazy idea, but it could still be cheaper. 


I saw there are a few manufacturers in Oz but for 8 panels I doubt it will be competitive. Worth checking though

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