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Whats normal practice for protecting Rockwool during build?


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Having moaned about the lack of protection of my xtratherm during the house build, I now find that the garage build insulated with 100mm rockwool is randomly unprotected, protected with sacking, protected with DPC.  So it has got wet in the recent horrible weather.


Person A tells me it will dry out

Person B tells me it never dries out


Given this is an unheated garage of 70m2 I can't see how the insulation in the wall can dry out.



Whats the normal accepted practice (and ideally what is best practice) for looking after the rockwool type insulation during a build?  

Will it really dry out?




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It's quite vapour permeable stuff so I would expect that once it stops getting wet, it will dry out given a clear pathway for the water, and sufficient time. In other words, it depends on where the rockwool is, i.e. is it enclosed between fairly impermeable materials?

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I feel your pain.  I had similar issues with my builders, who thought I was being overly pedantic.


If Rockwool Technical (who are very good, BTW) suggest replacement, perhaps the builders should contribute to replacement costs?? 

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A previous rental property, when we got it back from the tenant, I found there was a leak in the roof above the bathroom (would have been nice if the tenant had told us the roof was leaking and dripping into the bath)


I emptied that bit of the loft of the sodden insulation and just laid it out in a bedroom, expecting it to be scrap. But in the couple of weeks it took me to fix the leak and re board the bathroom ceiling, the insulation had all dried out, so i put the old insulation back.


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