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Trying to design kitchen layout, looking at having eye level Oven and Grill in tall unit but struggling to design where it should go in relation to Hob, Tall integrated Fridge/Freezer and Sink. All diagram I can find only show the typical triangle and never shows where to put an eye level oven.


The area is 3500 x 3100, no windows just one roof light approx where I have put 'RL' in diagram.  Not the best of diagram  below but hopefully it shows shape of area. Wondering if to wrap any units round where it opens to the lounge.


Ideas appreciated


               Outside Wall


 3   |                 RL

  1 |                                  This opens 

 0  |                                   into Lounge 

 0  |


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As a starting point you might want to consider keeping all of the tall cabinets on One wall. If you have them on all the walls then tend to close the room in.

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Looks like a *relatively* small space, joined to another space.


I would put the tall elements together to make them seem smaller in the space, including the fridge and freezer if tall. I might be tempted to go across the back because loosing 600mm from 3100 will make it look a little tight (perhaps). Also high cupboards will obsure your rooflight, which perhaps you want to light your main work area.


For the oven, it is basically an extension of the hob, and imo fits in the triangle but I would consider where to put things coming into and out of the oven. Worktop next to it, or a tall shelf that has a 600x600 floortile on it immediately below. I would want to be able to place a hot dish or eg a roast on a safe surface with a swivel but no step for reduced safety risks.


Do you have fixed points where sink, dishwasher etc need to go?


It may be useful to list what you need - I make it that 13 600mm spaces are available.


Perhaps also a peninsula breakfast bar and a mobile 'island' in the form of one of those wooden Ikea trolleys might be useful to create more space / flexibility.


Just my thoughts.







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I think first is make a list of the absolute essential resistrictions.


E.g. must have single oven with grill at eye level

5 burner hob etc


Then a list of desirable


Once you have some constraints and things that can't change you might find it easier 

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as has been said you need to decide what you absolutely want, and try to keep the triangle, with the sides roughly the same size, do you want a breakfast bar? i had a slightly bigger size to work with and came up with this design it is by no means perfect but works quite well, as has been said i can lift stuff out the oven and just set it down without walking far


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