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Roofing work - Good or not??


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On our renovation project roof, the surveyor had pointed out that the top of the gable wall was bowing out and was not tied to any of the rafters in the attic, and this would need sorting before it all fell off.  Also, there was no or little overhang so we were worried about the wall getting damp, which may explain why some of the bedroom wall plaster was loose and needed removing.  A couple of the ridge tiles were loose and there was a slate missing near the ridge line.





So we got our builder to come and sort it out.  I'm not good with heights and we didnt really know exactly what needed doing, although now its done, it seems quite straightforward.


By the end of the first day, the render at the top of the gable had been removed so we could see the area that was bowed out.  We were all a bit suprised to find that the actual wall was quite sound. we thought it would be fairly loose and unstable but it wasnt and the render was sound too.  So the decision was made to only remove the top 18'' which is the main part bowed out.  The cracked render would be opened up, re-rendered and I will paint the whole wall, once everything is complete.  The edge of the roof was exposed and the tiles were removed along the edge. 


The battens and felt seem okay apart from the very ends.  



When we investigated in the attic, we found that the double brick gable wall only went as far up as the top of the bedroom walls, then it continued as a single brick wall.  There were two brick pillars which supported the two beams that support the roof, at knee height.  (Purlins??)   So it was suggested that we get another pillar built up in the centre which would support the top of the gable wall and help stop it bowing.  And we need to tie the wall to the rafters.


An unusual view of the inside of our attic.   You can see the pile of cement blocks with which the builder will build a pillar in the centre on the wall, to tie it into the outside brick wall.  And he brought 4 metal ties which will tie the wall to the rafters to ensure it does not bow out again. 



Day 2 - the gable wall has been rebuilt. the pillar in the attic has been built and metal ties added in four places. 



I think it looks really good - but then, I am no expert - so I would appreciate any comments from more experienced persons. Has he done a good job??


By the time I arrived on the morning of day 3, the new slates were being fitted.  When I got back to the house by mid afternoon, it was all done.  the slates look super and the ridge tiles have been fixed in place.  I am a very happy bunny!xD






And this is the pillar in the attic which is tied through to the outer wall. 



So my question is - has he done the correct things?  I think it looks great. 

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Looks a lot better than before. Better overhangs now. Not sure central pillar is nessecary as looks to be ridge board not ridge beam. Won't do any harm though. Usually use straps which span 3 rafters on newbuild. You should probably just add some solid noggins behind those straps to be 100% although doubt it will go anywhere now.

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I'm no expert but have had roofing done on a few older houses and it looks fine to me. 

Of course you could have the most fantastic level of detailing but what would be the point, it needs to match the vernacular of the rest of the building. 

As my local Devon roofer friend (in his 60's) would say. "You don't need a church job boy".

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2 hours ago, TheMitchells said:

Not sure I understand all that but will take your suggestion re the noggins. thanks. 


Noggins are required to meet building control - it means the strength is in the timber in compression, not the nails in shear in each rafter.


Not quite sure about bringing the straps all the way through the wall but as its single skin you don't have any choice ! make sure the galvanising is intact before he renders (or just paint it with red oxide) as if those straps rust they may blow or stain the render.


Other than that it looks good !


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