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Cost install Floating Ground Floor


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Our design needs to be on piles with a steel beam, there is a void of approx 800mm underneath that has to be maintained.


Quotes so far from Timber Frame companies to provide wooden joists with cassette type floor which I assume includes insulation ? has been around £5.5k for an area of 65 sq metres.


In my initial chat on this site, suggestions of block and beam and also a metal floor then cement screed has been suggested.


Can anyone advise as to typical costs for the two suggestions above and also does £5.5k for a timber joist floor a reasonable price  


Any comments as to the pro's and con's of any of the systems much appreciated.





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Cost shouldn’t be a consideration, you need to satisfy yourself that the construction method you choose fits the site and site conditions and then your wallet. 


The foundations, walls, roof, design should be the areas to spend your money

fancy toilets and stuff you can fit later. 


What is the risk of water ever coming into contact with that floor

if you can say no 100% then you can build it out of rise crispies. 

It really depends what you want to build, there are a massive amount of houses by me built on piles above the water, but the cheaper ones always look a bit like holiday homes, they never look very permanent. 


I would also also say to take that quote with a pinch of salt, that will be to a minimum spec as outlined by NHBC you will want to build to a better standard than this or you will end up with a bouncy floor. 

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If I was to build this I wouldn’t want any timber below finished floor height. 


But to be honest it’s down to how you view this house

second holiday home, used at weekends 

holiday rental

permanent family home

these will all have an impact on how you build. 3F90E26D-A75A-450A-8E2E-53611D262692.thumb.png.7aeabd56f45c2ade4c42be16732d2d43.png


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