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  1. I'm literally taking down a sleeper retaining wall now (on a t break, don't shoot me) it's been just under seven years since it was built. Needless to say if your going with sleepers pay for the propper ones and get some drainage behind them. The other sleeper wall was built out of decent tanalised timber and isnt showing any problems at all yet.
  2. I'm not sure if it matters but that 3d image doesn't match the plan, Its got your big fridge set into a wall. I'd have the door open the otherway into the utility, in that corner a tall glass fronted fridge or a cupboard. Or a vertical fishtank with some little jellyfish??
  3. Does anyone have any sugestions on how to emulate a 'Greek' rendered wall the type you'd see around Greek churches and gardens. I was thinking just get drunk and persist until the wall is covered in white gloop. ... but is there anything that sets there render apart from the stuff you'd find on a house here? I've got a smallish wall, made out of blocks. I don't want a smooth flat finish but I don't want it to look to contrived or like artex either. How should I proceed?
  4. What was the outcome of this? Looking at the pic there's two distinct. Diagonal lines that have been pointed up separately, even going into the soldier arch on the left. Did you buy it?
  5. Could you afford the space to budge the stairs over above the wall below to keep it looking 'traditional' and then bulk the wall out on the stairs themselves?
  6. It's been awhile since I converted my loft, but Im sure a portion behind the walls remains relatively un-insulated; So the floor was insulated all the way to the eaves tray vents,(the rafters had an un insulated portion of about a foot - where the timbers that bolted rafters to ceiling joists are) Then the dwarf wall was insulated vertically and between/below the rafters upwards untill the rafter tie above the ceiling. So there's a triangle at the top uninsulated and a triangle at bottom. They 're connected by a 50mm airgap, with lap vents inside and a ridge vent at the top. It's essentially an insulated cube inside a tringle. My felt was non permeable and there is a continuous airtight layer on the inner face of the insulation. You could insulate the entire triangle of the roof and not bother with the walls at all as long as its ventilation is sufficient.
  7. The more I read the less likely it seems to be a good idea to do it this way, especially as there's no ground issue to do so. Looks like a strip it is..
  8. Fair, maybe, maybe not I would start by breaking it down. How much will it cost you to do the bits you can; fence down, muck away and all that, don't forget to count your £/ hours as that's part of their price. Then add the cost of the footings; (the concrete, the blocks, pipes and bits n bobs, the digger, the calcs if your having them done.) Then your left with the cost of the stone and the cost of the labour... Does the remaining price seem fair?
  9. hi, Self builder here (as much as possible anyway) based in s yorks, and currently working on an extension. so, hope you all can tolerate the intrusion with silly ideas and endless questions..
  10. sorry, The extension is 6x6m so 36m2 and the adjoining garage is approx 7x7, but with a taper so it works out about 34m2 Deferential movement, well that's a issue my SE can hopefully remove from the equation. I much prefer the icf to blocks and when combined with the slab takes (pretty much) all the cold bridging out of the equation, not to mention the speed factor. Price wise the raft is looking to be similar in cost, the icf similar also. I'm just not sold on the idea of an insulated raft for a garage floor, seems like overkill.
  11. I've begun the process of designing an extension and an fairly certain I'm going to have an insulated raft with icf walls. This will be adjoining a (likely strip foundation) cavity wall house. I've had a quote from isoquick for the raft approx 6m² but I'm not sure if it's worth extending this to cover the garage floor? It would essentially double the price, but the alternative is going to create a strip & Insulated raft & strip or raft monstrosity combo. Is it going to lead to problems? should I just swollow the extra cost even though its going to be a waste of resources and is an insulated raft even suitable for a garage floor? The upside I suppose, is that if the raft is continuing then it simplifies things and if someone decides they need another huge room downstairs in the future the prep will have been done....
  12. syne

    Our raft idea

    So am I correct in thinking just like 'a rising tide raises all boats' - 'a ground movement, moves all foundations'? If a sips extension on an icf was attached to a brick house on a strip found - would the disparity in building weights create a different raise/movement amount between the two building types? ie the heavier brick house creates more resistance/moves less Or do they both pose an insignificance resistance and the ground moves them both by the amount the ground decides to move? When you say "A ICF raft founded at the same depth as the original found" I presume you mean the top, So the bottom of the new raft would sit level with the top of the old?
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