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  1. Looks like we are going with Self Build Zone. At £4k it certainly isn't cheap. What did you decide to do @Mike_scotland?
  2. Thanks, will keep the MVHR out of the attic if we possibly can. Still much to learn, but glad to have this forum!
  3. Thanks, will check, but I think you're right - it's PIR between the rafters. The question is what to do if this is the only upgrade on offer. Perhaps best left with the original spec and insulate the MVHR, or move it into the store on the first floor.
  4. We signed with a timber frame supplier last week 😁. I asked the timber frame company about changing to a warm roof as their spec had no insulation in the small attic space above the horizontal ceiling of our "rooms in roof" attic. They have come back with this as an optional extra: "To replace supply only 280mm quilt between bottom chord of top hat truss with 150mm loft roll insulation and supply only of 140mm PIR to slope of truss. No additional VC foil/service battens or plasterboard included." The attic area is a very small crawl space, but will be the likely site of the MVHR unit and otherwise is just for storage. Cost of this optional extra is nearly £2k extra, supply only.... I always said we wouldn't compromise on insulation and airtightness, but does this spec seem okay? Cost-wise I wondered whether to leave the 280mm quilt, and buy what we need separately, but would any heat actually reach the attic area with that level of insulation on the horizontal? 🤔
  5. I know you're busy with your build @SuperJohnG, but wondered which route you chose? We're in the east of Scotland and my thoughts about render carrier board + render and render on blocks mirror yours, but will add that I prefer the look of rendered boards and no lintels. From my pricing, blocks and render looks cheaper, even taking the cost of the ring beam on the KORE foundation into account. The prices I'm getting for thin coat render applied to render boards is about £12k. 🤑
  6. Speak to SSQ. I requested some samples on their website, and they made contact with me, helped with product choices, number of slates required, and pricing advice. Looks like we will go with Riverstone.