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  1. caliwag

    Book...a few subheadings

    As I might have mentioned, there's no real division of contents of the book, really a series of thoughts, comments, replies to earlier forum queries and questions as well as a few reviews of architects books of their own thinking and works. There are not that many that suggest design advice, just coffee table glories with big colour snaps. I taught (or assisted) students in design and interiors for 7 years and helped the thinking and detailing on the works at St Pancras International for 8 years, but that's another story. The printed version of the book is over 200 pages but the e -book has been compressed to a bit less., but hey it's rather cheaper to produce! There are also a few reproductions of blogs, but not the ensuing conversations. Ha Some chapterettes... Fortune Favours the Prepared mind...always carry a notebook for inspirational jottings A picture is worth a thousand words A scrapbook or annotated portfolio of images...your likes and dislikes Survey, analyse, propose...description of a logical approach to design decisions Never judge a book Thresholds and entrances Kitchens and all that goes with them Relationship of rooms...crudely put. An approach to layout making Character and Value...fairly vital stuff Gardens...Design and Relationship with House Transparency...Bays and Oriels etc Details and preempt that 'How the hell do we get round that?' question. My St Pancras experience came into ts own there. Windows (not the computer ones) Transparency and Character...both again, but further thoughts The National Garden Scheme...a useful means of seeing how others done things...and the cakes are good and it is for charity Extension as a pavilion Cat skinning...nothing to do with a fish, but breaking down different ways to form houses. Clue,there are only really 5 Right, there's more but you get the drift I hope. There are not many books, guides, approaches like this...Some of this may have been nicked by now...oh well...good luck all You can contact me (Jim) on
  2. caliwag

    Design Book

    Yes. Thanks for reply. Home Builders Bible is an excellent 'How to' and 'What to watch out for' splendidly practical, as I recall. My book is a nice-to-have design book...full of design thinking 'how things join' ' how planes meet' 'how spaces might collide' I guess...all to your benefit really. Watching out for lost opportunities.I leave such things entirely up to you...your interpretation!
  3. caliwag

    Design Book

    Hello, If any readers have bought, read, borrowed etc my book 'Self Build Home...The last thing you need is an architect' (only £5 on Amazon btw) I welcome your feedback, comments, criticism. Jim on I know I've been critical of plan books on here and other forums, but I thought, for my second edition (!?)I'd include plan designs of some of my projects (realised and doomed), but illustrating and annotating a few important (well I think they are!) design features. Just a thought to stave off retirement dottage!
  4. Thanks for the mention Ferdinand...I've been busy and moved house with all associated hassle. The e-book you mention is still extant, but reduced to £5 from Amazon. I post occasional extracts on Facebook, but that generates limited interest! So it goes, so it goes. Cheers to you F
  5. caliwag

    What do home buyers want?

    Re the home-working trend, I have always favoured a location overlooking the entrance, or perhaps an oriel window off a landing, big enough to take the basics of an office etc...Also part of the body of the kirk! I favour a bay off the kitchen/diner, much as Bailie Scott seemed to produce. If you can afford the operation, a bay or corner bay does add to the character. For interesting appeal I do feel glimpses (or at least opportunity of) to other activities are good for are internal windows. Getting a bit designery. but it is about character...nobody really wants just a cluster of rooms. Utility room is useful, but larders get a big plus these days...dedicated books on the theme. I suppose being aware of fashion is important...I would buy a few issues of Elle Decoration for some of the latest trends. A friend who has furniture made abroad (cheap) tells me oak will soon be out, painted finishes are in...various greys of course! That's the furniture market mind, but may include kitchens and doors soon...who knows?
  6. caliwag

    Bungalow Extension

    Thanks for answering there @Ferdinand, I wasn't sure either, but you have successfully clarified. That's an interesting site for further ideas. As I was looking at it the images, it occurred to me that you that you could convert the existing living room into the main bedroom and en-suite (unless you are wedded to it) and create the new living space in the pavilion...think of the possibilities...all depends how you use the house of course...As in my book, it's time to gather round the kitchen table and list and sketch. it's great fun...the whole family.
  7. caliwag

    Bungalow Extension

    I feel it's time to get a designer or architect involved!
  8. caliwag

    Bungalow Extension

    Indeed it is...the lantern light may have added to keep the height of the pyramid down, but yes, the possibilities are endless, not to mention that it can be carried out with minimal disruption to the house...assuming there is access. Well researched F
  9. caliwag

    Bungalow Extension

    You could build a new room as a pavilion thus creating a BBQ space in an external patio between the living room and garage and create an interesting glazed corridor from the existing access door to the new bedroom which would include an ensuite (all sizes to taste) all this could be achieved without disruption to house. The 'new' room could be designed in such a form that it could have a pyramid roof, which would look good. it'd be more expensive but give loads of possibilities. Unsure where North is, but there is scope for a sunny 'Homework' space or whatever in the glazed corridor...all to taste...access doors to suite garden activities and bin store etc! the roof space in the pyramid could house 'long term 'storage. Also scope for a glimpse view from entrance hall area to activities, plants, books etc in glazed corridor and possibly to an interesting view and garden feature beyond.
  10. caliwag

    Black Kitchens

    Bit of inspiration from Pinterest, at a price...
  11. Well, I put together a book (now an Amazon E-book)...'self build home...the last thing you need is an architect' to assist the family in brief making. I agree with Jack that if it's a 'let's build it and see how it goes' type of build, then go for it. However if you want to make it personal, create value and give it personality and character, then the fun exercise must be to design your own with all the must-haves, nice to haves and needs satisfied, to say nothing of repose relative to site. If you read my design book, and no doubt others out there, that should jog your mind into to 'why didn't we think about that' does a forum like this. I must say that, unless it's for a quick turnaround, you'll never be satisfied with an 'off-the shelf' scheme. Creating your own brief, before the designers fee-clock starts ticking, is most satisfying.
  12. caliwag

    Self build book

    Aye, cheers. I think it was you who suggested Amazon. Well we'll see. Think the spiral bound copy cost me nigh on £15 before I got to the Post Office!
  13. caliwag

    Self build book

    My book 'self-build Home...the last thing you need is an architect' is now available in kindle form Amazon as an'll get a few pages as an introductory sample. Any questions email Thanks, Jim
  14. caliwag

    Ceiling height for open-plan room

    There is, of course, One way glazing. and have you considered a bay window with optionally opened/ closed blinds. Sun can come from 3 directions then. Climbing plants etc can partially obscure vision from inside or outside...adds character to the room too...even in a corner!
  15. caliwag

    Ceiling height for open-plan room

    Indeed, it's a golden opportunity to create some drama and cosiness as PeterW says. Perhaps a pyramid (reverse) in a suitable spot (determined with your model-making skills. I do feel that there appear to be lost opportunities in homes that appear to 'happen' as opposed to being designed with vast living spaces/kitchen/dining areas with 2.3m ceiling heights. It's a 3D exercise...have fun. Design (and insist with the plasterer) that you get crisp edges to your reverse pyramid.