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  1. Floor plan. Ideas?

    Some bay window/ window seat ideas in the attached, if my linkage works!
  2. Floor plan. Ideas?

    I go along with Ferdinand re slotting the washing machine under the stairs...something I've done in the past. I'm also a fan of bay windows, so instead of folding doors could you consider that. Ideal for a work space (leaving half done work), capturing the rising sun or to act as a small breakfast space. If you're having a second floor you'd definitely need fire separation from kitchen. You mention 'lifestyle' and use of ground floor. I'd go further and list daily, weekly and monthly routines (deliveries, visitors (formal and relatives) activities around the front door, storage, coats, skateboards etc...
  3. book/e-book

    Will try, thanks very much
  4. Future ebook

  5. Future ebook

    Please click on if you may be interested in a copy of an E-book of 'Self Build Home...the last thing you need is an architect'
  6. book/e-book

    Howdy, I'm just exploring the implications/costings of selling my book 'Self build...the last thing you need is an architect' as an e-book......any help or assistance/experiences gratefully received. (Price link removed by moderator)
  7. Shipping container/office

    I don't suppose many of you see the Yorkshire Post newspaper which is emblazoned with the banner headline 'Yorkshire's National Newspaper' erm! Anyway this conversion is neatly handled, in my view, even with expensive steel doors
  8. A Book Nook

    Just a sort of screen grab (ignore other images until book nook pops up!). A nice idea A...if you've got book storage problems. B...a redundant closet Could even be under the stairs with an open front and different lighting, or in the generous bay window...just a thought. Ignore the decor, that's just fashion, or not as the case may be!
  9. Local authority obligations for self build plots

    Aye, many thanks for your comments...Indeed my book started life as a free set of notes which seemed to be well received. The notes were essentially a set of prompts and 'don't forget' type check list, laced with some of my prejudices. Some hints and thoughts came from my teaching days and the inevitable 'essential' reading list from some of the domestic design greats, (included in this book). I don't really touch on technical stuff and Sips v brick/block etc...just use of space, circulation, entrance threshold, daylight, relationship of house to garden and so on. On first reading it might appear repetitive, but I think such reminders and reinforcements add up to an optional, and not so optional check list. I appreciate that many, on this forum, are well beyond the design stage, but hey there are a lot of dreamers out there. Thanks
  10. Hello from London

    Aye, of course, there's many ways to skin a cat (referring to catfish, so as not to offend!) Cheers.
  11. Hello, A piece of 'legislation' I wasn't aware of. This info came on an email today, I guess via the people behind Buildit magazine and the Custom build strategy team ( NSB+RS) in Swindon.I assume that's all Castle Media! All very interesting and poignant. I did send them a copy of my book 'Self build home...the Last Thing you need is an Architect' but sadly not a peep. Perhaps they are inundated with literature, or believed the book to be full of b+ll-sh+t., but no 'Thank you, but no thanks'...No matter, it is selling anyway. I freely admit it's not a technical book (there's enough out there, including their own establishment, not to mention, 'The green building forum' if you really want to get into sums and err 'Dense definitional Thickets' to quote Amory Lovins.) The book is more a design check-list, don't forget and why don't you consider? thinking about space, ;light, circulation...all things architectural, and getting more wow factor value and character...and a few references and reviews of great design books.
  12. Hello from London

    If you are considering twin wall, consider Solotimberframe who have experience of twin wall. They appear to have a good reputation...standard internal designs and bespoke. Steamy tea, I'm a bit unsure how our 'small house' ideas differ.
  13. Bi fold doors

    Yeah, nice one Joe 90... splendid doors, and to open into a conservatory really does make sense...thanks for posting
  14. Bi fold doors

    Greetings all...I am curious about the rise and rise of the use of bi-folds and similar devices to throw open a room to the elements. Virtually every illustrated Self/custom build appear to show bi-folds fully open. Could I ask why this is? Could members tell me how often they use them? Do you believe, in hindsight, are they such a grand idea or mere advertising puff? Surely, such huge glazed doors/windows are not very green and are net losses to a heating load. I live in a converted, yet inefficient, Yorkshire cottage with a pair of trad French windows to the living room...facing a lush garden and receiving the sun until 2.30ish. The French windows have never been fully open in my 3 years here...I don't want a living room full of leaves. Just wondering!
  15. House on a narrow plot

    Aye...I live in the kitchen...lean-to conservatory at West end, Front door East end facing garden and visitor parking...all I need is a bed deck above a shower room. Never use the living room and don't watch TV. A good guide to a 'What do you really want' brief making kit. I do have a painting studio in a formerly disused basement however. I could happily live in an old railway carriage...but enough about me. Thanks for update and explanation.